If All Movies Had Cell Phones

Written by Joey Simpson December 01, 2011

Within the last century (and arguably even the last 20 or so years) technology has progressed to a point well beyond comprehension. As a child of the 90’s/early 00’s, I often find life unimaginable without my electronic comforts (i.e. my laptop or my LOST complete series collection), let alone life before such things existed. I can barely fathom university without uploaded lecture slides and online reading!

When I watch movies, sometimes that thought still resurfaces and I wonder “What would our favourite movies be like with cell phones?” (watch the ending of Dr. Zhivago and you’ll know what I mean). Thanks to the clever folks of CollegeHumor, the answer has been revealed: much shorter, apparently! .


Warning: There are some spoilers in the video, especially if you haven’t seen Fight Club (but if that’s the case, maybe you should be watching that instead…)

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