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Written by Alex Bowman June 05, 2014

I think we can all unanimously agree that, when it comes to movies, we all tend to develop a crowd mentality. This is a very basic observation that can be made; any monkey in a movie theater can determine that a movie makes us all laugh, cry and text together in unison because we can all agree that we are enjoying or not enjoying something as one collective body. However, movies can also create a sense of individualism and segregation; one movie can be loved by very few, yet hated by others. We are all guilty of this act and I shall participate in this act of self-punishment by sharing with you my Top 5 Cinematic Guilty Pleasures.

5. “Death Race” (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2008)

This movie is a modern remake of “Death Race: 2000” starring the ever-lovable, never-understandable Sylvester Stallone. This remake completely forgets the self-aware undertones and subtle parody in lieu of fast cars, hot women and bloody decapitations. This movie is pretty laughable but for some reason I’m drawn like a fly to a windshield. The film has a lot of heart and the action is enough to keep you motivated when the talky bits start to wear thin. Plus, kudos must be given to Statham and McShane. These two are definitely the stars and do a damn good job of reminding us of that.

4. “Redline” (Takeshi Koike, 2009)

This next one is just a coincidence but this second racing movie is another big guilty pleasure for me. Anime fans and non-anime fans may agree on this film having a lot of bright colors and seizure-inducing action scenes. But the moments when the film doesn’t involve racing are boring, weird, laughable and pedantic. I, on the other hand, love this movie to bits. I can watch it again and again and not be bothered by the fact that a movie about a simple plot revolving around an intergalactic scf-fi Grand Prix turns into a political thriller with Kaiju monsters. Oh, Japanese anime, don’t ever change.

3. “Speed Racer” (The Wachowski Siblings, 2008)

Ok, I think I have a secret fetish for racing movies. Actually, wait… yea, “Days of Thunder” and “Ricky Bobby” still suck taint, so scratch that theory. Anyways, we are not here to laugh about that, we are here to mock me and this film is perfect ammo. I know it’s a mindless film with not a lot of substance and the same flavour being shoved down your throat ad nauseum but you have to give the Wachowski siblings this: at least it’s not another fucking Matrix sequel. For an adaptation of the popular “Speed Racer” manga and anime series from the 60s and 70s, they did a pretty good job. The racing segments are decent and Roger Allam plays one of my all time favorite movie villains. If not for the racing, watch it purely for Allam; that guy needs more work, dammit.

2. “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” (Steve Oedekerk, 2002)

Ok, let’s move on from the racing movies into a new category: kung-fu movies. This one isn’t particularly a kung-fu movie, more like a parody of a kung-fu films with the director providing not only himself but all the voices for the other characters. This movie is sillier than chipmunk shit; for most people this is just a poor attempt at trying to emulate the accidentally bad lip-dubbing of the past with goofy noises and bad fight choreography. This is a big guilty pleasure but I think one of its most endearing features is how damn quotable it is. I’m sure I can find a person who has only seen it once while half-asleep who can provide at least one Betty quote.

1. “Little Nicky” (Steven Brill, 2000)

Ok, I know I am going to receive a lot of flack for this, yet I don’t really know why. To be fair, I can understand why a lot of people would hate this film; Sandler doing bad voices and funny faces has only seemed to work a few times but for some reason it bombed in this film. I think the jokes are funny enough and the concept of the Prince of Darkness being a meek and quiet shy-guy who loves rock and roll is pretty funny in and of itself. I just like it because, for once, Sandler steps out of his comfort zone and acts in a movie where he doesn’t dress in sweats and work boots, fuck up his life and act like an insufferable dick-trumpet. I stand by the effort of this movie; most would give it an A for atrocious, I give it an A for amicable.

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