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Written by Alex Bowman September 07, 2013

A movie is an adventure that can take you to the farthest corners of your imagination, careening you through a cascade of brilliant narration mixed with a jubilant array of visual wonder. Oh, and I guess music is important too, whatever. In all fairness, a movie’s soundtrack can either make it or break it and I would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of the brilliant soundtracks that have left a pretty big impact on me and my cinematic experiences. These are my Top 5 Favourite Cinema Soundtracks.

5. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” (Klaus Badelt, 2003)

When this movie first came out I had no idea what it was about and I cared little about pirates to begin with so I was pretty much on the other side of the coin (Aztec gold coin, if you will) when it came to this little action flick. But as soon as I heard that orchestral sting I was ready to grab a cutlass, contract scurvy and raid me some booty! ARRRR! The soundtrack by Badelt really helps to set the tone for a fun and memorable pirate adventure that is sure to shiver your timbers.

4. “The Matrix” (Don Davis, 1999)

Prepare to enter a world where nothing is as it seems; everything you see, smell, taste, and touch is all an illusion… except for the music, of course. The soundtrack for “The Matrix” is a brilliant addition to this larger-than-life techno-spectacle that makes you question yourself and your surroundings. Composer Don Davis does a fantastic job of blending technological warbles with a brilliant orchestral track which helps to flush out this world filled with leather, bullets and way too many biblical references.

3. “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy (Howard Shore, 2001-2003)

This soundtrack has the same effect on me as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films – as soon as I hear that one particular orchestral track I want to throw on some armor and pillage a local Starbucks. However, in the case of “The Lord of the Rings,” it is not just one track that makes this movie memorable – in fact, it has many memorable and emotionally powerful tracks. The track played during the parts in the Shire fill me with a sense of nostalgia and innocent naivety while the Saruman track makes me want to run to the nearest duvet and hide away forever and ever. Howard Shore does a brilliant job creating a spectacular orchestral soundtrack that always finds a way to hit every single one of my emotional buttons.

2. “Jurassic Park” (John Williams, 1993)

When I first saw this movie in the 90s, I was a rotten little bastard and the only thing that stuck out to me the most in this movie was the incredible music. I have fond memories of jumping around and singing that iconic “bum BUM bum BUM BUM BUM BA BA BUM BUM” music while pretending to punch dinosaurs in the mouth. Hey, I wasn’t afraid of dinos back then; to me, they were nothing but six-foot turkeys. However, one thing that will always stick out in my mind about “Jurassic Park” is that brilliant way of providing the perfect soundtrack for an adventure that only the great John Williams can give us.

1. “Sin City” (Rodriguez, Debney and Revell, 2005)

Damn, if this movie wasn’t sexy enough it had to go and have sexy music to accompany it. I love the soundtrack for this movie. It knows when to be rambunctious, it knows when to be sorrowful, it knows when to be sexy and it knows how to be memorable every time. I get the urge to light up a cigarette and start pounding the pavement, looking for trouble, whenever I hear that crunchy saxophone wail over the image of a Sin City citizen beating the crap out of something. These three men did a great job by creating a great soundtrack for a great movie that shall never be forgotten to the ears of time.

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