Alex’s Top 5 Sci-Fi Movie Universes

Written by Alex Bowman August 07, 2013

If I were forced to pick one universe that I would have to live in for the rest of my life, then I would pick a sci-fi-themed universe without hesitation. Of course, I wouldn’t survive in that type of universe because the comic relief usually dies in these films but naturally it would still be an enjoyable thrill ride. Science-fiction is a genre that allows for imaginations to go into overdrive so new technologies, philosophies and drama can become better introduced into the cultural zeitgeist. Sci-fi is my nerd haven and here are my top 5 sci-fi universes.

5. The “Terminator” Universe

Nothing says sci-fi like a war against robots that hunt and kill us using the artificial intelligence we gave to them in the first place. I would not last long in this universe but the concept is very intriguing, especially considering the humanization of each Terminator model and how the time traveling has certain stipulations (that makes zero sense when you think about it but it is still a neat feature). Time travel and a war against uppity robots? SIGN ME UP!

4. The “Star Trek” Universe

This would be a great universe to live in because the “Star Trek” universe, as created by Gene Roddenberry, is a futuristic homage to the epic adventure tales that involved our own ancestors exploring the unknown and discovering new lands with new people to interact with. Just multiply that unknown by infinity and you get the idea. Being a part of Starfleet would be a blessing and a curse (please, don’t give me a red shirt) yet it would be the most thrilling journey of your life; to boldly go where no one has gone before… in a giant spaceship that materializes whatever food you ask for.

3. The “Star Wars” Universe

This universe would be incredible to live in as proven by the plethora of Star Wars movies, books, video games, etc. Not only do you have the ability to be either a merchant trader, a bounty hunter or a soldier fighting for intergalactic peace but you may also have a secret power deep down inside you that allows you to move things with your mind, control people with your powers of manipulation and wield a laser-sword that you can build and design yourself right down to the color. George Lucas may be an ass-hat but the universe he created is a bundle of nerdy joy.

2. The “Looper” Universe

This universe is a little bit bleak and depressing; however it does have its moments of sci-fi goodness. The technology has certainly improved in this universe which is always that hot-button topic for people of the modern era. In the Looper universe, keypad/mouse combinations no longer exist, cell phones are small, rectangular pieces of glass, and our cars FINALLY run on solar power. There’s also time-travel but the movie shows us that maybe it’s best to avoid that. Why bother time-traveling when I can cruise around on my hover-motorcycle. LET’S RIDE…er, hover.

1. The “Blade Runner” Universe

The Blade Runner universe is my all time favorite sci-fi universe to live in. I love the look and feel that Ridley Scott created with this little futuristic gem and it feels really close to how our own future will look like someday. Sure, it’s a little rainy with a chance of being murdered by a crazy robot obsessed with immortality but you take what you can get. This sci-fi universe is riddled with noir elements that actually emphasize the interactions and philosophies shared by every single person in this world. This universe would really keep me on my feet while still keeping me mentally stimulated which is a universe one can definitely thrive in.

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