Alex’s Top 5 Simon Pegg Movies

Written by Alex Bowman April 03, 2013

When it comes to films I try not to create an immediate bias based on who is going to be in it; I instead attempt to keep an open mind towards the performances being given by each actor and actress respectively and then judge their performances after the screening like the smug ass that I am. However, if there was one actor that I would pick as my favorite based on his performances alone it would have to be that lovable British git: Simon Pegg. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Simon Pegg movies.

5. Run, Fatboy, Run (David Schwimmer, 2007)

This pick is pretty low on the list because it is a film that is synonymous with its title; it feels like it is desperately trying to keep up despite its bloated premise. However, a bad movie can be saved based on the performance of one actor alone and Pegg delivers on that front wholeheartedly. Pegg is able to competently play the fallible everyman who struggles to gain absolution for the mistakes of his past which makes the experience all the more enjoyable when we cheer him on to reach the finish line.

4. Paul (Greg Mottola, 2011)

This movie is a great example of why Simon Pegg is such a great actor: he is forced to act beside something that isn’t there all the while maintaining his character and trying to make us as the audience laugh. Simon Pegg doesn’t falter one bit when asked to act beside an alien that will be put into the film in post production; instead he delivers joke after joke with nigh flawless and refuses to hand in a terrible performance one would normally give when asked to improvise with thin air.

3. Star Trek (J.J. Abrams, 2009)

This film was a tough role not only for Simon Pegg but also for every other protagonist in the film. Each actor was given the extremely difficult task of taking a previously established character and making it unique and different for new audiences. Simon Pegg does this very well by taking on the role of Scotty and immediately stealing the spotlight with his first line of dialogue. Simon Pegg turns the character Scotty into a fascinating hybrid of idiot-savant and brilliantly-timed comedic relief. Also his Scottish accent is way more convincing than James Doohan’s.

2. Shaun of the Dead (Edgar Wright, 2004)

I’ve mentioned in a previous Top 5 list why I love this movie. One of the main reasons for why I enjoy it so much is because of Simon Pegg’s delivery; he knows how to be funny with his brilliant use of timing and wit yet he also knows how to make us care for his situation when things start to go really bad for him. Simon knows how to illicit the proper reactions in an audience and this movie is the prime example of that. Battling zombies has never looked like so much fun.

1. Hot Fuzz (Edgar Wright, 2007)

This movie is at the top of the list because I personally think it is the best role that Simon Pegg has ever performed to date simply for the reason that he is playing a role that he has never done before. As mentioned before Pegg is usually known for portraying the comic relief or the lazy everyman. In this movie Pegg’s performance is all the more enjoyable because he is performing a role he is not used to which is a super serious cop with a chip on his shoulder and a frown on his face. He does deliver a few funny lines but he still plays a tight-ass that we normally wouldn’t associate with him, given his history. I think it just shows us how much of a powerhouse he is in the world of acting.

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