Top 5 Animated Movie Universes I Wish Were Real

Written by Ana de Souza August 26, 2013


As any major movie fan knows, animated films are a far cry from being just for kids. They allow us to relive our childhoods, laugh at the inappropriately adult jokes thrown in there, and revel in the frequently elaborate, high level of storytelling going on. Animated films allow us to visit worlds and universes that we never knew could exist, to wallow in the depths of artist imaginations to a degree that live-action film can only dream of. In honor of the whimsical and wonderful worlds that this genre allows us to traverse, here are my top five animated film universes I wish were real simply because life could be infinitely more incredible if that were the case.

5. “Finding Nemo” (Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich, 2003)


Ok, so this one sort of already exists, seeing as it’s the ocean and all. But how astonishing would it be if we could hear and talk to the incredible range of marine wildlife in the big blue? More to the point, it would absolutely rock if sharks had their own support groups (and weren’t looking to devour everything in sight); turtles could hook you up with the craziest currents; and schools of fish could point you in the right direction if you got lost snorkeling. Plus, it would make the wait at any doctor’s office a LOT less boring since you’d be small talking with the fish in the aquarium instead of the other patients.

4. “Peter Pan” (Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, 1953)


My desperately confused twenty-something soul craves the refuge and wonder of Never Never Land. Let’s be honest- who doesn’t? A place where you can escape to anytime you don’t feel like dealing with responsibilities, expectations, or adulthood in general? Sounds better than Vegas! For everyone stuck in their I’m-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman phase (and that phase lasts a LOT longer than anyone I know is willing to admit), “Peter Pan’s” world and the pure joy of being a kid again that it enables might be just what the fairy doctor ordered.

3. “Wreck-It Ralph” (Rich Moore, 2012)


Ok, so I’ve never been a hardcore gamer or anything, but the different game worlds in “Wreck-It Ralph” are awesome enough to make anyone reach for their friends’ game console controller. From the Candy-Land-like Sugar Rush to the ultra-futuristic Hero’s Duty, having those immersive game worlds around would make for an afternoon of crazy fun anytime. Not to mention the pure convenience of snacking on candy cane trees and the absolute blast it would be to have characters like Pac-Man and Sonic for friends.

2. “Nightmare Before Christmas” (Henry Selick, 1993)


Though Tim Burton has a positively astounding range of animated worlds at his creative fingertips, most of them would probably be terrifying if they existed in real life. Granted, Halloween Town could also be pretty traumatizing, especially the whole deformed-and-demented aspect to its general population. But Halloween Town was only one of many holiday portals that were initially accessible to Jack when he chanced upon Christmas Town. Just thinking about the possibilities (gooey Valentine Town or pleasantly sleepy Thanksgiving Town) has me wishing everyday was a holiday, and in these worlds, they are.

1. “Shrek” (Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson, 2001)


Every kid wishes they could be whisked away to a fairy-tale world, and “Shrek” took this notion to the extreme in shaping a mystical universe that contains all fairy-tale creatures. As if that weren’t brilliant enough, these aren’t your standard bedtime story folk. The big bad wolf is simply a confused cross-dresser, princesses can kick ass if need be, and dragons are sultry temptresses as well as fire-breathing menaces. This is the land of fables and magic remixed and updated to the twenty-first century, providing a much needed dose of modernity and style to these classic stories. What could be better? Not only would you be able to bask in the soothing magical realms of your youth, but the native inhabitants would gladly embrace your quirky fashion sense and questionable karaoke skills. You’d be living happily ever after before you knew it.

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