Podcast: Diner Theatre – 5 Animated Films To See (Instead of “The Emoji Movie”)

Written by Matt Butler August 17, 2017

emoji movie

The Emoji Movie, Now Playing in Theatres Everywhere.”

God, typing that out makes me want to throw my computer in the bath. But unlike Sony Pictures’ executives, my brain still works. However, much like death, taxes, and the looming threat of thermonuclear war, it’s something we – mostly I – have to accept: This movie exists.

But here’s the silver lining: You don’t have to see it. Yup. In fact, no one has ever had to see a movie ever! Even if you have that one friend who says “Oh god, you HAVE to see this movie!” literally every time they bring up a movie in conversation. It’s your choice what entertainment you want to see. And the cool thing is, the studios actually respond to that. If it’s a big success, they’ll make a sequel. They’ll make a spin-off. They’ll make billions of dollars in merchandising and every studio will be clamoring to make movies that follow the exact same formula. Rinse and repeat. But if it bombs. Flush, down it goes. Though this is Sony we’re talking about, so either way, expect an Emoji Movie reboot in about 4 years or so.

Anyways, if you’re still inclined to watch something animated, but also have good taste and are tired of re-watching the same Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks stuff, we have some movies that might just be right up your alley. Today, Ben and I talk about five obscure-ish animated features. Maybe you’ve heard of them and just haven’t bothered to see them, but we’ll explain why you should.

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