Director Picks: Top 5 Movies by Tony Scott

Written by Leo Panasyuk November 29, 2012

2012 was a tragic year in regards to the loss of one of film’s most accomplished and unique directors; I of course speak of Tony Scott. The late Tony Scott was the younger brother of the great Ridley Scott and together, these two were my favourite filmmaking duo to come out of England. Because Scott directed many films (and commercials, as well) I found it rather difficult to narrow down my list to just five but here are my top five favourite films by the late, great Tony Scott.

5) The Last Boy Scout

 “The Last Boy Scout” is one of those hit or miss movies for most. For me, it’s a sure-fire hit. I just love the hilarious love/hate chemistry between Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. Bruce Willis is a disgraced cop and Damon Wayans is a disgraced football player, so one can already see how these two become the best of friends when the bullets fly and the body count rises. Full of awesome moments of badass-ery, witty quips and explosive action, this is one of those movies where you take plot, character development and drama/emotion and toss them to the side. Instead, you just have fun with the wonders of ‘suspension of disbelief’.

4) Deja Vu

“Déjà Vu” is one of those rare multi-layered films that actually make you think. The way “Inception” dealt with the multiple levels of a person’s subconscious, Déjà Vu features a single fixed narrative but presents it to you in one specific timeline while simultaneously juggling one or two other timelines. The film deals with an ATF agent using an extremely high-tech program to see into the past to determine the perpetrator of a terrorist attack in New Orleans. With the multiple timelines created within the film’s framework by way of the program, the audience will see the same events unfold again and again… but with slightly different consequences each time.

3) Man on Fire

“Man on Fire” was the first of many Denzel Washington/Tony Scott collaborations and this one lit the match on the tinderbox. While it does have somewhat of a Luc Besson feel partly due to the revenge-driven plot, this film stands well on its own two feet. With the gritty subject matter of a kidnapping being portrayed in this film, Tony Scott’s unique directing style feels very welcome and not at all alien to the film. A particularly favourite scene of mine involves a car steering wheel, duct tape, a knife, and a very catchy Latin song.

2) True Romance


“True Romance” is a beloved film and cult classic for most. When you combine the writing of Quentin Tarantino with the direction of Tony Scott and a bevy of amazing actors you get nothing short of a masterpiece. Now I’m not really one for romance movies (mostly because I spend too much time picking them apart for their faults than absorbing the thoughtful messages they convey) but the romance between Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette is remarkably adorable. Oh, and Christopher Walken is in it.

1) Enemy of the State

Will Smith and Gene Hackman in Tony Scott's "Enemy of the State"

“Enemy of the State” has to be my absolute favourite film by Tony Scott. Be it the government conspiracy plot or the chemistry between the film’s stars Will Smith and Gene Hackman or the amazing supporting cast featuring the likes of Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, Barry Pepper (and Jack Black, if you’ll believe me), this film grabbed my attention in a chokehold and never let go until the end credits rolled. It also features one of the bloodiest shootouts I’ve ever witnessed… and I was eight years old when I saw it!

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