Emily’s Top Five Guilty Pleasure Films

Written by Emily Stewart June 02, 2014

How some people might feel about my guilty pleasure films.

How some people might feel about my guilty pleasure films.

Not to sound cliché, but everyone has guilty pleasures. Whether it’s an album, fashion trend, or boy band, there’s some things we shouldn’t love but we just can’t help ourselves. I’m especially guilty of this fact. Even some of my favourite things are now guilty pleasures. Obviously, this includes films. For the most part, I am not ashamed to admit these are my top 5 guilty pleasure films.

5. “The Hangover” (Todd Phillips, 2009)

Zach Galifinakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms in "The Hangover"

I have to admit I saw “The Hangover” for the first time last year, just because it was on television. I’d like to add this is not a film I’d usually jump ship for right away. I wasn’t keen on the types of films where people act incredibly wasted and do dumb things. However, I must say I had quite a few laughs while watching this film. Quite a few more than I expected. Since the version I watched was on TV, a good number of the swear words were dubbed over. I’m well aware that they likely weren’t saying “holy smokes.” Whether that’s funny or not depends on your sense of humour.

4. “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Rupert Sanders, 2012)

Kristen Stewart in "Snow White and The Huntsman"

I’m not the biggest fan of Kristen Stewart – however, I must say that this is her best role. The cinematography in this film is great and worth watching alone. The revamped storyline from the tale we all grew up with was enjoyable to watch. As someone who’s become a recent “Once Upon A Time” fan, I always enjoyed narratives that twist around fairy tales. I’ll gladly watch a film with any strong female character. Even if you aren’t a fan of Stewart, the rest of the cast is pretty solid as well. I even watched this film twice in theatres. Granted, it was in the movie theatre at my university, but still.

3. “Warm Bodies” (John Levine, 2013)

Nicholas Hoult in "Warm Bodies"

If you know me personally, you know my opinion of zombie films. Usually, I’ll be ranting about the amount of shipping I paid for a “Warm Bodies” DVD when I bought it online. Despite this, however, this is one of the very few zombie films I’m willing to watch. R’s (Nicholas Hoult) narration is amusing to hear, though eating your love interest’s boyfriend’s brain after killing him is a little much. I can also totally see the comparison to “Twilight.” Doesn’t help that Summit, behind the “Twilight” films, released “Warm Bodies” as well. However, place any narrative in a dystopian era, and you have me hooked. It was for that reason “Warm Bodies” wasn’t totally ruined for me.

2. “Vampires Suck” (Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, 2010)

Jenn Proske and Matt Lanter in "Vampires Suck"
Parodies are pretty hit-and-miss. They can either mock the text well, or have too many other jokes to ruin it. Luckily, “Vampires Suck” is a parody done well. Then again, I’ve read all of the “Twilight” books (don’t judge, I’m not the only one) so I appreciated a lot of the jokes made. Even if you refuse to watch a single film in “The Twilight Saga,” at least watch this film. There are a lot of jokes made about contemporary media, including the fandom for the series. This is one of my favourite films, so why is it a guilty pleasure? Generally anything similar to “Scary Movie” doesn’t fare well. This film has a 3.5 star rating on IMDB. Yep.

1. “A Cinderella Story” (Mark Rosman, 2004)

Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray in "A Cinderella Story"
Yes, I am still a Hilary Duff fan years after Lizzie McGuire graduated. This was one of my favourite films when it first came out, and I still enjoy it. “A Cinderella Story” is a modernization of a fairy tale, specifically taking place in high school. However, it’s not done in an overly tacky way. Plus, Sam (Duff) is a very determined character that was portrayed well. Jennifer Coolidge’s performance of the stepmother takes the cake, though. I’ll watch old films if they’re on TV, and this is one film that makes me happy when I find out it’s on the small screen. Out of all the things Duff’s done in her career, “A Cinderella Story” is my favourite, and my top guilty pleasure film.

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