Holiday Highway: Top 5 Christmas Gifts Given in Films

Written by Megan Alexander December 23, 2012

Christmas presents under the treeIt’s that special time a year again, when we all go out shopping for that perfect gift for the ones we love, and have hopes for that special present that we want to receive. This Top 5 is dedicated to the Christmas gifts given in films. From the thoughtful, the memorable, the must haves, and the ones that may have been better left unwrapped.

5) Turbo-Man from “Jingle All the Way”

Turbo ManOnce every few Christmases, there is the ‘it’ toy that all kids want, and parents turn into savage shoppers to get. Just from watching the news we know how crazy and competitive parents to get their child that ‘it’ gift. Jingle All The Way is a film that truly captures the Christmas sprit of material madness. It is a story of an overworked father named Howard, who instead of spending time with his son, decides to buy his love with the hot new action toy Turbo-man that he desperately wants. Unfortunately, many parents are also after this toy, and they become nearly impossible to obtain. Howard is willing to go through almost anything to get Turbo-man for his son, including going on a misadventure full of “hilarious hijinks”, with 90’s washed up comedian Sinbad…now that is a committed parent.

2) Rosebud from “Citizen Kane”

Rosebud“Citizen Kane” is by no means a Christmas film, but the gift of Rosebud does represent how a single present can bring forth true sense of happiness and joy. “Citizen Kane” is about Charles Kane, who died as a lonely millionaire. His dying words “Rosebud”, inspires a reporter to investigate the life of Kane, and too find the true meaning behind “Rosebud”. Thought the reporter never finds what or who Rosebud is, it is revealed to the audience that Rosebud was Kane’s beloved sled. A sled that he got as Christmas present, back in his humble childhood days.  For a man who died in mansion bursting full of valuable material goods, it is his sled that he held as his most priceless possession, because it represented the last time that he was truly happy.

3) A Mogwai from “Gremlins”

GizmoFor most kids, their ultimate Christmas present is that of a pet. A new furry little friend that they can love, cuddle, and adore; but as parents have been reminding us for years pets are a responsibility and they need to be taken care of properly. No film brings this message of responsible pet care, home like “Gremlins”. For Christmas, Billy Peltzer revives a cute furry creature called a Mogwai, who he names Gizmo. Now too properly take care of a Mogwai there are three important rules: Don’t expose them to bright light because it will kill them, don’t get them wet because they will multiply, and most importantly don’t feed it after midnight because they will turn into a horrible reptile like monsters called Gremlins. Which two rules do you think Billy Broke first? The moral of “Gremlins, don’t give gifts with instructions, they are often more of a hassle then they’re worth.

2) Ted from “Ted”

Ted 1One of the most beloved toys from childhood has to be the classic teddy bear, a plush, huggable companion that we as children confided in, and brave away thunderstorms with. In the film “Ted”, young and friendless John Bennett unwrapped a new best friend, a teddy bear who he calls Ted. A special Christmas wish makes Ted come to life, and the two remain best friends as they enter middle age together. Ted is the ultimate Christmas present because really, isn’t friendship the best gift of all? Or if you don’t believe that, you would have to admit, as far as talking Teddy Bears go, Ted certainly kicks the stuffing out of Teddy Ruxpin.

1) A Red Ryder B.B Gun from “A Christmas Story”

Christmas CarolI think as kids, we all had that one special toy we wanted for a present when the holidays rolled around, the toy we wanted above all else, a toy that if received would give us a feeling of pure bliss, and if not…Ohh FUUUDGE!!! All Ralphie Parker ever wanted for Christmas was an authentic Red Ryder B.B Gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing that tells time. His pursuit in making sure that he unwraps his B.B Gun Christmas morning, is objectified by his mother, his teacher, even Santa Clause who all tell him, “You’ll shoot your Eye Out”. Christmas is all about miracles however, and much to Ralphie does get his B.B Gun for Christmas, and what follows is one of the most ironic, not to mention humorous outcomes that one could accept.

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