Memory Lane: Emily’s Top 5 Nostalgic Movies

Written by Emily McWilliams February 25, 2013

Movies were a big part of my childhood and I was as fascinated by them as I am today.  When I’m feeling stressed out or just need a break from adult life and all the responsibilities that come along with it, I turn to these classics to remind me of some cinematic nostalgia and the carefree days of my past.  Thankfully, even as a kid I had relatively good taste in movies so these stand the test of time even today.

5. The Toy Story Trilogy

I know I can’t be the only one who feels a special nostalgic connection with these films.  For myself and many others, these films were made and released throughout my childhood, with the third one coming out just before I left for collage (just like Andy!). The “Toy Story” movies have a way of reminding us how  fun it was to simply spend an afternoon with our favourite toys and get lost in our imaginations.  These are really wonderful films that manage to capture a specific aspect of childhood through adventure and playtime.

4.  Homeward Bound

So for anyone unfamiliar with these films (there were a few of them as I recall, leading me to know ask how these owners lost their pets so many times), they tell the story of two dogs and a cat – Chance, Shadow, and Sassy – who travel through the wilderness to find their owners.  This movie is fairly typical in terms of live-action films where the animals can talk, but as a child it captivated me nonetheless.

3. Mulan

Disney is a strong part of everybody’s childhood nostalgia.  I could’ve picked from any number of their films to bring back the memories, but I chose “Mulan” because it is one of the first films I remember seeing in a theatre.  I guess you could pinpoint this movie as the start of an addiction and my cinephilia because I think I saw “Mulan” about 5 times in theaters, and really I’ve just been watching movies ever since.  Just hearing “Reflections” on the radio brings back all the wonder and awe of seeing my first movie on the big screen so “Mulan” has a special place in my memories.

2. The Land Before Time

A non-Disney animated film that is seriously underrated.  Yes, this film was possibly more traumatizing than “Bambi”, but it was still full of adventure and heartwarming moments.  Also, it has dinosaurs in it;  talking dinosaurs with distinct personalities, and that looked fairly realistic and were well animated.  I don’t know about you, but I think dinosaurs are awesome, plain and simple.  There might not be any big musical numbers in “The Land Before Time”, but there were tree stars and to me, that was even more magical.

1. Matilda

"Matilda", Emily's #1 nostalgic film
A movie I watched and rewatched until the VHS caught on fire.  Where do I even begin with this clever Roald Dhal adaptation? It had the perfect heroine, a smart but neglected little girl with magical powers played by the adorable Mara Wilson.  The character of Trunchbull, combined with Matilda’s parents were some of the best villains to come out a children’s movie in the history of cinema.  Then there’s the cake scene with Bruce Bigtrotter; I haven’t looked at dessert the same way throughout my entire life, and if you’ve seen this movie then you know what I’m talking about.

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