Memory Lane: Top 5 Nostalgic Movies

Written by Tommy March 01, 2013

I hate remembering things. I live in the future, ya’ dig? When I was a kid everything sucked exponentially more than it did today. Nostalgia is dumb, and fake, and bad. That being said, there are some movies from the past that are pretty dang good. Of course, “the past” for me is the early nineties, so prepare to feel really old. Here are five films that I am “Nostalgic” for, even though I think they still hold up today (except number 3):

5. The Land Before Time (1988)

Have some great memories of these guys!

This was “that” movie when I was a kid. The one you watch over and over and over again until your parents wonder if they should get you tested. I can tell you why too: Dinosaurs. When I was a kid dinosaurs ruling hard was the only universal constant in my life, and this movie was the reason why. Even to this day, the only thing I can be sure of is how great dinosaurs are. This movie’s other big impact on my life was making leaves look freaking delicious. They were so juicy! Still, even though it kicked off my dinosaur/juicy leaf appreciation, this movie is only number five. I can’t watch it as often as I do the rest of the five, because I cry all the time when Little Foot’s mom dies. SPOILERS.

4. Princess Mononoke (1993)

Let’s face it though, this movie is all about how rad Lady Eboshi is. So rad. That’s how rad she is.

Haha oh man. This one. “Oh hey, this is a cartoon. My young, sensitive, and easily frightened child will love this!” – My Dad, about to bring untold terror upon me. Needless to say this movie scared / traumatized the bajeezus out of me. Still, when I wasn’t having the innocence of youth stripped away from me in a torrent of animals blowing up / dudes getting their heads shot off, I was engaged with the beautiful art, music, and storytelling. It’s this combination of dread and awe that keeps me coming back to this film years later. It’s kind of like like how it’s good for people with Arachnophobia to hang out with spiders. Gives me closure on it. Or something.

3. Jason and the Argonauts  (1963)

It’s even more awesome than it looks.

Honestly I could make this whole list with only Harryhausen films, but this one will have to represent all of them. Similar to what “Land Before Time” did with dinosaurs, “Jason and the Argonauts” took advantage of my love of Greek mythology. I read the crap out of those old stories, and it blew my tiny mind to see it all happening on screen, even if the effects look unspeakably crappy today. There’s just so much care and love poured into the film, that you just get caught up in the old school movie magic. Also the skeleton fight is still awesome.

2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Man, Sean Astin has lost a lot of weight. Good for him.

Haha I just made you feel super old. The root of the nostalgia here is much the same as “Jason and the Argonauts.” I grew up on this biz. The first book my Pa ever read me was “The Hobbit” and then “The Lord of the Rings” series after that.  I am like a genetic experiment raised from birth to like Lord of The Rings stuff. Seeing all the things I had read about for my entire life realized on a screen was friggin surreal as heck. From then on going to see the next film in the series became a family event. This and the first on the list are the only two movies that get yearly watches whenever I go back home.

1. 1993 World Series Video: Philadelphia vs Toronto Blue Jays (1993)

Hahah suck it, Mitch Williams.

Yup, a documentary. A documentary of the best sports thing ever. This World Series has descended into myth in my family, with Joe Carter and Paul Molitor becoming figures out of Greek legend (see that callback? Every other writer here better take notes.) This series is the ultimate Canadian sports victory. Even though no Canadians really contributed in any way. That whole hockey thing with the Soviet Union doesn’t count because hockey is lame as hell.  Even though I was a tiny dumb baby when this actually happened, the moments from this video are so ingrained in my mind that it doesn’t even matter. Dang, I still get misty when I hear “This is the Moment” play after Joe Carter hit THE home-run. This old documentary is the only reason my family keeps a VHS player in the house, that’s an impressive enough feat for it to be number one. John Olerud owned so hard. Look at his On Base Percentage in 1993. You could serve dinner on his .OPS.

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