Memory Lane: Travis’s Top 5 Nostalgic Movies

Written by Travis Pulchinski February 27, 2013

"The Iron Giant", one of Travis's most nostalgic films

The 90’s was probably the best possible era to be raised by the television.  Putting aside the innumerable Disney classics that we were all undoubtedly indoctrinated with from the time we were old enough to look at a screen, the 90’s was an age of awesome kids movies, as well as some pretty decent not-so-kids movies.  These five films stood out as the most inspirational and memorable of my childhood, which shaped and moulded the person I am today.  Please don’t hold that against them though.

#5. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

This fifth spot could have gone to a dozen different movies, but I give the nod to “Homeward Bound” due to sheer volume.  I probably watched this movie a hundred times to the point where my sister and I could recite all the lines off by heart.  This movie was funny, had great voice-acting, and some of that awesome old school kids movie animal cruelty that would never be allowed in modern family films.  Seriously, a cat goes over a freaking water fall.

#4. The Iron Giant (1999)


Don’t you hate it when you loved a movie as a kid, then you go back years later and watch it again only to realize it sucks?  Not even close to the case with the Iron Giant.  This is still one of my favorite movies today as the touching story of a boy and his giant pet robot never fails to tug at my rusty heartstrings.  Plus, it’s Vin Diesel’s best role to date.

#3. Godzilla (1998)


Don’t you hate it when you loved a movie as a kid, then you go back years later and watch it again only to realize it sucks?

#2. The Matrix (1999)


Yes, the leather outfits are cheesy.  Yes, it’s been spoofed to death.  And YES, the sequels were AWFUL but dammit the Matrix is still one of my favorite movies of all time! When this movie first came out I was wowed by the spectacular visual effects and slow motion action scenes that still look way better than the artificial crap in many of today’s action movies.  As I got older, I began to appreciate the philosophical nature of the story and the masterful telling of the theme-rich story.  Today, I can look back and still love the entire package, finding new things to appreciate every time I watch it.  While “The Matrix” can be hard to swallow for some, you can hand me that red pill any time Morpheus.  Show me how deep the rabbit hole goes.

#1. Free Willy (1993)

There’s just something magical about that stupid Michael Jackson song playing over footage of breaching Orcas.  From the first time I saw this movie at the tender age of three I was enraptured and probably watched it forty times a year from then on until I hit my teens.  A silly, childish infatuation.

About a year ago, my parents were out of town.  I’d just got home from the gym and I was rockin’ a deep burn.  Feeling very much like a man.  I turned on my TV and beheld to my wonder that “Free Willy” had just started.  I watched it through to the end.  Why shouldn’t I? I thought I was cold. I thought I was a man.  But that night, I realized that I was actually just a big dumb kid, balling my eyes out and chanting with Randolph the tolken Aboriginal guy, “Sa la na, a yuum, iasis” as Willy leaped over that pile of rocks to freedom.

Damn you, you big goofy whale.  And damn you too Michael Jackson! Thanks to both of you, I’ll never be able to grow up.  Not really.

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