Samah’s Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Films

Written by Samah Ali June 08, 2014


Movies range from around one-and-a-half hours to three hours, a great deal of time that can be dedicated to something productive. Guilty pleasures, however, are an unjustifiable time spent watching a movie that you’ve probably seen three or more times. Although I cannot justify why I re-watch these movies, the following pictures have to be my all-time favourite guilty pleasures.

5. “Scott Pilgram vs. the World” (Edgar Wright, 2010)


Michael Cera? Sold. Of course I will I watch every movie that awkward fellow is in, but this movie deals with love, video game references, AND it was filmed in Toronto. Not only am I completely in love with the script and the cast, but the fact that I recognize everywhere the film takes place makes the movie more entertaining. In fact, I was surprised this feature didn’t blow up. Whatever, I’m biased.

4. “13 Going on 30” (Gary Winick, 2004)


I would like to thank TV for encouraging my bad habit. If “13 Going on 30” is playing on television, all my priorities take a back seat and I watch the chick flick… again. Watching Jennifer Garner play a lost thirteen-year-old in the body of her thirty-year-old self somehow entertains me for two hours. The impromptu “Thriller” dance number in the middle of the flick is also an entertaining bonus.

3. “Cloverfield” (Matt Reeves, 2008)


This movie was too stressful, yet if it’s on television I will sit there and watch it. Shot like a home movie, the camera was shaking the entire time, the creatures managed to kill all of the main characters, and New York was left destroyed. Maybe it was the entertaining/pathetic deaths or the realistic point of view, but I keep coming back and continue to question why I waste around two hours of my life for this stressful blockbuster.

2. “Sleepover” (Joe Nussbaum, 2004)


A necessity at every slumber party growing up. Why do I still watch it now? Can’t answer that. Watching eighth-graders make a huge deal about high school by making a competition for a lunch spot is almost laughable. I’m either entertained with the idea of their scheme, or entertained with the terrible acting and writing of this children’s movie. Alexa Vega is in it though, and she was cool back in the day so I deem it acceptable. Shout out to “Spy Kids”!

1. “LOL” (Lisa Azuelos, 2012)


Why? I don’t understand it. There is no explanation for me liking this movie. There was no storyline, Miley Cyrus attempted to capture teen angst, Demi Moore was used as a gimmick to get people to see it, Ashley Greene was barely in it; all around no. The script was nothing, there was no plot or resolution with the characters, I didn’t understand what was happening half of the time – yet I will continuously watch this movie when I am bored and can’t find anything on Netflix. This movie was embarrassing. I’m embarrassed.

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