Dynamic Duos: Spencer’s Top 5 Director/Producer Combos

Written by Spencer Sterritt January 27, 2013

Every good director needs a good producer, someone who totally gets them and their vision. While having a bad producer may not always derail a film, having an overseer with a different vision can cause chaos with the director, and then all of us, the eagerly waiting filmgoers, are left with a dud, usually a film that has clearly been edited to pieces and is obviously opposite to the directors vision. A good producer is key, and this Top 5 duos is all about directors and producers.

5. Wes Anderson & Steven M. Rales

Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson, Indian Paintbrush

Steven M. Rales isn’t exactly a well known name, but Wes Anderson certainly is. They have collaborated on Wes Anderson’s last three movies, “The Darjeeling Limited,” “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” under Rales Indian Paintbrush production company. Everything Wes Anderson does is enchanting, but I found his last three, especially “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” to be some of the best work he has done, and we have Mr. Rales to thank for that.

4. Tony Scott & Jerry Bruckheimer

Top Gun, danger zone

Thumbs up indeed

It’s fair to say that Jerry Bruckheimer has put money in nearly every big action directors pocket at one point, but that money was best spent with the late Tony Scott, who certainly released some duds during his long and and rocky career (I’m looking at you “Deja Vu”), but they gave us “Top Gun,” so there’s no way they can’t be named in our list of Top 5 duos.

3. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer


Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are the director and producer duo that just won’t quit. Their first film together was “Night Shift” in 1982, and since then we’ve gotten such classics as “Parenthood,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “The Missing,” and the former cult classic (and soon to be resurrected) comedy “Arrested Development.” Something between them just works. They pick great projects, they don’t step on each others toes, and they make great films.

2. Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy


As the heads of Amblin Entertainment at various times, Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy have proven to be one of the most successful director and producer duos ever. Kennedy has a producer credit on almost every Spielberg film, and she gives him great scripts and crews. To be fair, Spielberg produces his own stuff, and no one is really going to tell him what to do, but Kennedy has steered him in the right direction for decades now, and we have her to thank for the clean, sweeping aesthetic that Spielberg is known for.

1. EVERYBODY and Harvey Weinstein

That there is the face of a winner.

That there is the face of a winner.

Seriously, who hasn’t Harvey Weinstein produced? And he has produced so many varied people so many times that he could be considered in a duo with about ten or twelve different directors, including such prestiged directors as Rob Marshall, Kevin Smith, Martin Scorcese, and notably Quinten Tarantino. Sure he’s a bully, and sure he’s been known to push out some releases ahead of schedule, but man, when he gets his hands on a winner from one of his many friends he makes damn sure it gets made, which is why everyone and Harvey Weinstein is the best director and producer duo.

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