Top 5 Favourite TV Couples

Written by Hana Elniwairi March 05, 2012

Love and romance can sometimes be a taboo, or someone’s biggest pet peeve. However, even the coldest of hearts can witness couples in movies and TV shows that still make them go ‘awww!’ whenever they come on our screen. After all, there seems to be some sort of unspoken rule about romantic storylines in every media production ever. While this can get in the way of awesome plots, there are shows in which romance pretty much rocks. Some of you may not agree with some of the ones I picked, and some of them may not be as obvious as others, but because I have to limit myself to five, this is what you get! Enjoy!

5. Doctor Who: the Tenth Doctor & Rose Tyler

Apparantly, the majority of Doctor Who fans loved this couple, and I can see why. Now, I must admit that I’ve never watched a full episode of Doctor Who; HOWEVER, a close friend of mine is obssessed with this couple, and I’ve been bombarded with countless youtube videos, pictures, gifs, posters, and so many other things pretaining to the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I’m a fan of David Tennant – I think he’s incredibly hilarious – and I will admit, from what I’ve seen of them, the Doctor and Rose are incredibly adorable and lovable. Even without being a regular follower of the show, I pretty much know the story of Rose Tyler and Ten, and their tragic ending (maybe? There was a little twist before the 11th Doctor was introduced!). I couldn’t pass them up for this list.

4. Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass

I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes at the inclusion of Gossip Girl; However, there’s something oddly sweet about two horrible human beings who like ruining each other’s (and everyone else’s) yet always come back to each other, because no one else understands. Come on, it’s cute, and romantic, in a weird way. There’s nothing like a couple who likes ruining lives together. Of course, the entire quality of GG has become questionable as it keeps on going and going, but that’s a topic for another article. The main thing is that Blair and Chuck were awesome, especially in the first three seasons of the show.

3. House, M.D: Gregory House & Lisa Cuddy

The amount of love I have for this couple is easily observable when I attempt to watch House, M.D nowadays. I still love House, and I do enjoy the show, but I can’t go over a scene with Foreman as the Dean of Medicine without yelling at the TV for being broken and showing me wrong scenes. Lisa Edelstien’s departure made a huge difference, and I can’t really picture House with anyone else. She balanced out his crazy perfectly, and not in the restrictive way Foreman does. They were just…they worked. And I miss them. And it’s hearbreaking that they’re not going to finish the show together, this being the last season. But for all that it’s worth, they were a beautiful couple.

2. One Tree Hill: Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott

One Tree Hill is also a show that’s gone on far too long. The best of it, in my opinion, were seasons 1 to 3. This couple has a lot to do with why I loved those seasons. Brooke Davis is the ultimate teenage girl; you may not have been as popular as she was, or as pretty, but she had and did so many things many people could relate to. Lucas is also a similar case, and the two of them, complete opposites of each other, worked tremendously well. She was the ditzy cheerleader, and he was the brooding writer/basketball player. They were lovely, until the writers pretty much destroyed them during season four. The clip above is probably their most romantic one.

1. Friends: Chandler Bing & Monica Gellar

I don’t usually say this, but if you don’t love Monica and Chandler, SHAME ON YOU! Possibly the funniest, cutest, amazing and just absolutely the perfect couple ever. Even pessimist and haters of love can’t possibly dislike this couple. It’s what everyone wants to have someday!

Honourable Mentions: Carol & Doug (E.R), Summer & Seth (The OC), and Nathan & Haley (One Tree Hill).

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