Emily’s Top 5 Films That Don’t Need a Remake

Written by Emily Stewart March 31, 2014

 Zooey Deschannel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer

Sometimes, I don’t understand the point of a film remake. In my opinion, studios could make just as much money by doing a re-release of the film itself in theatres. People love the classics and original versions – why not have a special screening?  A remake will work for some films, since I do believe every director has their own vision. I mentioned that in my Top 5 film Adaptations list. Sometimes, the original is just so awful that it needs to be re-done. However, there are some films that should never have a remake. Ever. Here’s just five of them.

5. “The Truman Show” (Peter Neil, 1998)

Jim Carrey sitting on a boat in "The Truman Show"







“The Truman Show” was way ahead of its time.  Jim Carrey plays a man named Truman whose life is a 24-hour television show that people watch, all the time. There’s even a guy who watches Truman in his bathtub. Yeah. People do that apparently. The catch is this show’s been around since he was born, and he has no idea that people are watching him. Sounds a bit like social networking, doesn’t it? The plot is timely, but there are films being made that are about post-humanism. It’s a charming and funny film, but I don’t think there would be as many people interested in seeing it if it had a remake.

4. “Harry Potter” Saga (Chris Columbus 2001-2002; Alfonso Cuaron, 2004; Mike Newell, 2005; David Yates 2007-2011)

The cast of the Harry Potter films







This is more from a marketing perspective than anything, because I still need to see two “Harry Potter” films – I know, don’t judge me. In either case, this is a prime example of films that would benefit better from a special screening, rather than a remake. There’s a massive “Harry Potter” fanbase, and people associate the actors with the characters. I highly doubt it would go well if the series had a remake.

3. “(500 Days) of Summer” (Marc Webb, 2009)

Zooey Deschannel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "(500) Days of Summer"







“(500 Days) of Summer” is one of my favourite films of all time. It had a bitter twist to the conventional love story, and Zooey Deschannel had great chemistry with Joseph Gordon-Levitt; it made the end of their on-screen relationship even more heartbreaking. It’s for that reason “500 Days of Summer” should never be remade. Sure, they aren’t the only actors that work well together. However, once you find great chemistry for the original, it would be difficult to find another for the remake. Also, why would you even try to replace Deschannel and Gordon-Levitt? Just don’t do it.

2. “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” (Robert Aldrich, 1962)

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"







You think celebrity feuds are catty now? Ha! You probably haven’t seen “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” I’m not going to give away what happens, but essentially we see two washed-up celebrity sisters who still want to live in the spotlight. Oh, and they’re played by bitter rivals Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Their real-life disdain for each other is what makes the rivalry very believable. Even if you had no idea about their off-screen competition, you cannot deny that they are intense and brutal to each other. I can’t think of a celebrity feud today that’s so heated that could replace these two. Really, a remake of this gem would just be pointless.

1.  “Akira” (Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988)

Tetsuo in "Akira"








Yes, I’m well aware that this remake could possibly be in the works, and it’s unfortunate. First of all, making a live-action remake of an animated film doesn’t make a lot of sense. Also, I watched this film in a class I took, and I learned “Akira” got away with a lot that certainly wouldn’t happen on-screen. Sure, CGI’s improved since the 1980s, but I doubt it would be the same effect as the original. I can’t even comprehend how they would be able mimic half of the stuff that goes on. I won’t explain the plot of the film, because it is very complicated to summarize. However, watch “Akira” when you get a chance, and you’ll see why it crowns this list.

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