Top 5 Most Quotable Films

Written by Jesse Gelinas June 26, 2012

“You gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky’? Well, do you, punk?” “You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here?” “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” “Wait a minute, wait a minute! You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.” “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” “A martini, shaken not stirred.” “They call me Mr. Tibbs!” Okay, that last one doesn’t really fit the bill but you get the idea. Dialogue can make or break a movie, and decades after it’s released, those special lines will be remembered and quoted every day by the fans that love them, and even some who have no idea where they came from. Here are my Top 5 most quotable films. And these aren’t the ones with the big famous single lines. These films bang out useable dialogue with each and every scene:

*WARNING: Possible spoilers below*


5. Aliens (James Cameron, 1986)

Back when James Cameron could write, he made one of the greatest sequels in history. This sci-fi classic took what was originally a horror film and turned it into a fantastic action film. On top of all that, we get great dialogue from our loveable, memorable Space Marines, the basis for every sci-fi video game of the last two decades.


“We’re on the express elevator to hell… going down.” “Take off, nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure.” “Get away from her you BITCH!”

The Gem:

“That’s it, man! Game over, man! Game over!

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (John Hughes, 1986)

Before the Brat Pack became insufferable and John Hughes became the Home Alone 3 & 4 guy, Ferris called in sick, giving rise to an army of little wannabe rebels everywhere. The film did help set a new standard for quality teen flicks, as most early Hughes films did. But who told Alan Ruck (Cameron) he could stop being in movies? Travesty.


“I’m not European. I don’t plan on being European. So who gives a crap if they’re socialists?” “Call me Sir, God dammit! “Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.”

The Gem:

“Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight, if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass in two weeks you’d have a diamond.”

3. Predator (John McTiernan, 1986)

God, ’86 was a great year. Before Ah-neld was Governor of California he was a man’s man who fought robots, terrorists, aliens, and Sinbad. “Predator” is a man’s movie for men who like to see men be men the way men should be men. Giant machine guns that belong on helicopters, nameless villains that die by the truckload, and spouting off one-liners like it’s going out of style. Sadly, it almost did once the 80’s ended. Also, I will get through this article without saying “GET TO DA CHOPPA!”


“If it bleeds we can kill it.” “What is this f*%&ing tie business?” “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

The Gem:

“You’re one…ugly motherf*&%er.”

2. Glengarry Glen Ross (James Foley 1992)

Before Al Pacino started playing Al Pacino in every movie,and Alec Baldwin became a comedy legend, David Mamet adapted his stage play to the big screen. Some would say he improved the script, and with dialogue like this it’s easy to see why. The cast is pitch perfect and every line is fantastic, even if 80% of it is too fast to hear, or just unfinished ramblings.


“You drove a Hyundai to get here; I drove an $80,000 BMW; that’s my name.” “You never open your mouth ‘til you know what the shot is.” “All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don’t mind it.”

The Gem:

“A-B-C. A, always. B, be. C, closing. Always be closing.”

1. Big Trouble in Little China (John Carpenter, 1986)

Before Kurt Russell’s mysterious disappearance back in 2001, he used to make movies. Damn good movies sometimes. It makes me sad that this film will never top AFI’s 100 list for anything. It deserves to top any list on sheer entertainment value. I stand by this masterpiece as the most enjoyable film of all time, and that is largely due to each and every line being hilarious and quotable in context or out. Let’s see what Ol’ Jack says.


“Okay, you people sit tight, hold the fort, and keep the home fires burning, and if we’re not back by dawn… call the President.” “Really shook the pillars of Heaven, didn’t we?” “Son of a bitch must pay.” “I’m gonna tell you about an accident and I don’t wanna hear ‘act of God’.” “Have you paid your dues, Jack? Yessir, the cheque is in the mail.”

The Gem:

“I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that it’s all in the reflexes.”

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