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Written by Megan Alexander March 15, 2012

With the recent release of Project X, I thought that it would be fun to dedicate this Top 5 list to the epic parties that the movies let us be a part of. For this list, I decided not only to rank these parties in terms of awesomeness but also to have each choice represent the best selection for parties of five different genres. So, I invite you to take a read and who knows, maybe one of these movies will inspire you to throw a party of your own…or at least inspire you to watch a few of these films next time you are alone on a Friday night.

5) Party Monster (Best Club Party): 

Extravagant, indulgent, fabulous and out of control – these are just a few words that cannot only be used to describe the parties in this film, but also its characters. Party Monster tells the true story of the “Club Kids”; a group of revolutionary ravers who kicked started an entirely new New York party scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The movie is brought to us by one of the original Club Kids, James St. James (brilliantly portrayed by Seth Green), as he tells the story of the rise and fall of the group’s party-ringmaster, Michael Alig (a powerhouse performance by Macaulay Culkin). The film has many crazy club scenes, which are mostly comprised of techno music, drag queens, designer drugs, debauchery, and even a giant chicken. Many of these parties had an outrageous theme, one even being a ” Hospital and Illness” gala. The party had the kids dressing up as doctors, nurses and dying patients, while they passed drugs around freely in little paper Dixie cups. Money, success, fame, glamour – these were the pillars of the ‘party kids’, and even though their party ended in the mid-nineties, this film is a well crafted reminder of these outrageous parties, that for a moment in time, a whole generation wanted to be invited to.

4) Milk (Best Historical Party): 

I think we all have those parties of the past that we would have loved to be a part of. For some it might be New Years Eve at Studio 54, for others perhaps Woodstock, or  maybe you just want to go back in time and go to that epic Kegger you missed last year. Yes, there have been many great get-togethers in history and movies tend to remind us of those parties that we were not invited to. One of the best historical celebrations re-enacted in film is in Milk. There are a couple party and celebration scenes in Milk but the one that holds the most significance is the one held in honor of Harvey Milk being elected the first ever openly gay man to be elected into public office in California. The film captures the mood of that party as night of rejoice, a celebration of hope and love, and revolution. This is not just a party, this is a moment in time that set forth a movement of change and the film perfectly captures this celebration of triumph.

3) Sixteen Candles (Best High School Party): 

A standard scenario in many teen films is that of the high school house party. Almost any film that centers on high school students needs to have some sort of party scenario. Now with all these options why is the after dance party thrown at Jake Ryan’s house one of the best?  It is because it is the go-to stereotypical high school rager – it’s just that simple. This is the party that many of us thought all parties in high school were going to be like, when in reality a high school party is mainly comprised of 10 to 20 people hanging around, drinking coolers, watching TV, and one girl yelling “I’m so drunk!!!” when she has only had two drinks. Well, thank god for Sixteen Candles, for showing immature high school students really how to party! This party has all the classic clichés that makes the fantasy of the high school party so great. Some of these celebrated clichés include, the trashing of a really nice house, the drunk drama queen, the wasted jocks, drinking games, distraction of valuable property (including an entire wine cellar), sex in random rooms, and finally a really expensive car being taken away. So ok, maybe this party is a bit too cliché and over the top but admit it, this is the part of high school that many of us wanted to experience.

2) National Lampoons Animal House (Best Collage Party):

This film is THE college movie – it is the film in which all college films try to emulate but never truly succeed (sorry, Van Wilder). Animal House is a movie that makes us want to pursue a higher education…. so we can have a chance to go to one of these parties. Though there is a lot to love about Animal House, the scene that many of us go back to is that infamous Toga Party. This is the party that countless Frat houses try to replicate and that other college students try desperately to attend. This party is a pure drunken farce of epic proportions – complete with its own “Shout” dance number performed by one of the best fictionalized musicals groups “Otis Days and the Nights”. With all of this said, I believe it is the simplicity of this party that makes it so epic. At the end of the day, the boys of Delta House prove that all you need to start up a good party is a group of friends, a few kegs of beer, one or two goofballs to spice things up (thank God for the John Belushi’s of the world), and of course Togas! Togas!! Togas!!!

 1) Marie Antoinette (Best Birthday Party):

The film Marie Antoinette gives its audience an interpretive and colorful portrait of this notorious historical figure. As a price for becoming queen of France, Marie Antoinette (played by Kirsten Dunst) had to overcome her share of shit – including a loveless marriage, being ridicule by others, the pressures of procreation and the loneliness of being on top. And at the end of the day, she not only got stripped of her title but her pretty little head as well. So why is such a tragic figure envied by so many? Well, it’s because Marie Antoinette is history’s greatest “It Girl” – she was the Kim Kardashian of Versailles and people loved to hate her because her extravagant lifestyle. Plus, what do we all know about an “It Girl”, besides the fact that they are spoiled, overrated, materialistic, an overall a bad representation of human culture, and that they love to party!!! The film sets up an eye-popping sequence of Marie Antoinette’s 18th birthday and it’s just extravagant perfection. The parties guest are wearing nothing less then the highest fashion (and the highest hair), the champaign is flowing, delicious French pastries are being passed around, people are gambling with pastel colored chips, plate spinners are imported from China, and what would any “It Girl” party be with out a little bit of casual drug use? She may have lost her head (in more ways the one) but the girl knew how to party and for that I say, “Let her eat birthday cake”.

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