Top 5 Movie Series that Should Have Ended Sooner

Written by Kristen Kerstner November 27, 2011

Does longevity really mean greatness? I’m going to say no after looking back over a number of movie series and remembering how disappointed I was by the end. While I understand all movie series can’t reach Harry Potter status, many leave people wondering “who let this continue?” It seems that some people just don’t know when to call it quits. Just because a movie was great doesn’t always mean we need a second, third, or fourth (you see where I’m going with this) go at it. Here is a list of the top 5 movie series that should have ended much sooner.

5. The Karate Kid

It actually pains me to do this. I never thought I’d be one to bash Karate Kid, but while I may enjoy the movies, I think we can all agree that Karate Kid 2 or 3 never had a chance of topping the halloween skeleton chase scene of the first movie, and when would the crane move ever make a good sneak attack again? As for Karate Kid 4, I’m all about girl power, but as if Hilary Swank could ever match Daniel-San’s boyish charms. Jaden Smith took a pretty good stab at it, but I think any true KK fan would admit “it just wasn’t the same”. Sorry no Miyagi; no deal.

4. Spider-Man

The Spider-Man movies. Didn’t we just do this? I could have sworn 3 sub-par Spider-man movies were just made. Oh right, they were. Well as the saying goes, “if at first you don’t succeed”…just…make the movie…again. Awkwarddd. I guess since the movie is called “The Amazing Spider-Man” this time, we can all assume there will be a huge improvement from what we all saw four years ago, but I can’t help but wonder if this is really necessary.

3. The Saw Franchise

Saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Seven movies all doing basically the same thing. The movie industry has clearly hit a remake trend. Maybe this was Saw’s way of being “creative”, but let’s be honest, everyone got a little tired of playing after the third or fourth round of crazy intervention. The movies are supposed to be about finding your survival instinct, but I think I would completely lose mine if anyone asked me to watch another one of these movies.

2. Scream

The only thing that makes the Scream series worse than every other horror series is its refusal to stay dead! Anyone remember the first round of Scream movies? Painful, I know. It’s pretty sad when the highlight of the series happens within the first 10 minutes, but I’ll give the first one a break.  I’m actually not even surprised there were three of them, but after all this time a contract for three more? Ghost face, just put us all out of our misery.

1. Twilight

Rather than going on too long, Twilight is a rare case of never-shoulda-happened. Alright, I get it, some people are into that whole vampire fantasy thing, but Twilight? Really?! Come on people! You can do better…You deserve better! It doesn’t matter what team you’re on; the fact that Twilight has tried to align itself with Harry Potter with a two part finale is blasphemy. Avada Kedavra and all that jazz. Somebody call Sarah Michelle Gellar; we need a slayer over here.

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