Top 5 Movies Moments Where it Should Have Been You

Written by Ivy Thompson February 10, 2012

Do you ever watch a movie and think to yourself “I could toootally do that”. Well, truth be told, I do – more often than anyone should. While preparing to write this article, I took an informal survey. I asked a great deal of people of all ages, both men and women, from all walks of life, which movie moment(s) they would most want to be a part of, and do you know what I discovered? People want to either fight or dance –  it’s one or the other, sometimes both. Yes, some would like to make speeches that change the world or be in a super hot sex scene with [insert beautiful man/woman of choice here], but not as much as they want to kick some ass or shake their tail feather. It is apparently human nature. So, as you may have imagined, I have faced many challenges in my attempts to acquire a list of the most desirable movie moments. As a 20-year-old woman, my choices will vary greatly from those of a 40-year-old man. But hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. The following list is a compilation of others requests and my personal choices – these are the movie moments that should have been you.

P.s. If you disagree with my choices, that’s too damn bad. Make your own list.

5. 500 Days of Summer – You Make My Dreams

To quote Emma Stone re: “Easy A”, “I wanted my own musical number for no apparent reason” (and also “my life was not directed by John Hughes”…but that’s an entirely different list). I realize that out of all great movie musical numbers, this one may not be the highest on anyone’s list, and I completely agree. Buuuut…there is just something so fantastically uplifting about this scene. Maybe it is because I am a sucker for Hall & Oates or maybe I love the idea that this man is so happy to have found this girl that he has no choice but to bust out a song and dance right then and there. We all have those moments when we wish that we had a soundtrack to our life, or even that feeling when you wish you could strut (that’s right, I strut) down the street listening to your fav tune without terrifying other pedestrians. This is that moment. The perfect song mingles with the absolute perfect emotion and creates a movie moment we can only dream of replicating.

4. Fight Club – Tyler Durden

Just like how I want my own musical number, I want to beat people for no apparent reason, as well (not so much the getting beat but I guess it’s a package deal in this film). While this seems like an obvious“male” choice, I love a good punch in the face (when it’s not my own…) just as much as the next guy. I received requests to include an epic battle from Lord of the Rings or 300, but there is just something to be said for a sweaty Brad Pitt getting the snot kicked out of him for the hell of it. Among the many great scenes to choose from, this moment when Lou – of Lou’s Tavern – is pounding on Tyler Durden and Tyler simply laughs is possibly my favourite. The idea that I could just laugh in my enemy’s face whilst he or she is beating me to smithereens is too marvelous to pass up.
Oops, I have already broken the first two rules of Fight Club.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Final Battle Between Harry and Voldemort

Harry Potter is a necessary inclusion. Us early-twenty-something Gen-Yers grew up dreaming of the day we’d get our first letter from Hogwarts notifying us that we are a wizard or witch and it is our time to figure that shit out. We dreamed of catching the Golden Snitch, considered what our Patronus would look like, and even yelled “Accio _____” when we lost something (I’ll admit, I still do that last one). But most of all, we dreamed of what it would be like to be Harry Potter in the final book when he, after 7 long years, finally destroys He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I want to catch that Elder wand and take down Voldy and have all the glory so deserving of a hero. I want to be the guy that saves everyone.
Neville helped.

2. Burlesque – Express

This is clearly a personal decision. Guys, this one is probably not very high on your list of movie moments you want to be in, but don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to be Aguilera’s love interest. Every single time after watching this number, I desperately (and delusional-ly) yearn to have my name in big bright lights. I can see it now: Me on a glowing stage, outfitted in a dress made of something that resembles saran wrap, with sparkly hands grasping my curvy bits while singing like a total BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker). Now that right there is the American Dream. Nuff said.

1. Kick Ass – Hit-Girl Kicks Some Serious Ass

Best. Scene. Ever. All of the aforementioned movie moments are rendered inadequate compared to the divine epic-ness of this 10-year-old girl slaughtering a dozen grown men to the sound of “Bad Reputation”. I want to be that girl. I should be that girl…I am not that girl.

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