Top 5 Movies to Watch Hungover

Written by Kristen Kerstner March 27, 2012

It’s Sunday afternoon. You grab your comforter and pull it over your shoulders as you roll out of bed. It only takes you the few number of steps necessary to make it to the door before realizing you have no desire to ever stand again. Welcome to your Sunday (or, if you’re at Western, any other day of the week) morning hangover.
There are a number of stages of the dreaded hangover that a person may experience – some of which may include anxiety, nostalgia, optimism, a dose of reality, and finally, acceptance. Here is a list of the top five movies you’ll not only want to watch when you’re hungover but which also happen to outline the key stages of a hangover.

5. Memento (AKA Who/what/where am I?!)

So you’ve woken up and your memories are a little jumbled or non-existent, right? Memento is going to give you a little something to relate to. Here is a movie about a guy who, after an “accident”, can’t make any new memories. Maybe this movie will be a little intense for your poor, hungover, wheel-chaired brain, but, aside from an amazing mind-fuck of a movie, Memento can provide some solid tips for next time on ways to remember exactly what you did the night before. Hopefully you decide to take the camera route rather than drunkenly deciding to get a tattoo that says “I made out with Stinky Peterson <3” or something of that nature.

4.Space Jam (AKA Remember when life was so simple?)

Here is your “take me back to my childhood” movie. These kind of movies never get old, but there is something extra special about watching your favourite cartoon characters and MJ team up to play basketball when you’re not feeling exactly your best. Space Jam is where you realize you’re only human, after all. Just as Daffy can’t help but talk with a lisp, you can’t help the way you’re feeling. When you look at it that way it almost makes your hangover a little endearing…almost.

3. Zach and Miri Make a Porno (AKA Ohhhhh so good things do happen to stupid people AKA my life isn’t a sham.)

Who doesn’t like to laugh at other people’s misfortune? This movie is one that allows you to start feeling a little optimistic, and one that is going to let you feel completely at ease with last night, as it hits you that your day can only get better from here. While you could say that any comedy would do the job and help with your hangover, Zach and Miri will uplift you and may even convince you to get up off the couch and do something creative…hopefully something not as creative as a porno, though…

2. Dazed and Confused (AKA Alright so I puked, but like…last night was amazing.)

The good news about Dazed and Confused is that you’ve probably already seen it a couple times, but even if you haven’t, this movie is not hard to follow. There aren’t any plot twists or a complicated backstory; it’s exactly what you’d expect — some drinking, some drugs, and everyone goes home happy. Here’s a movie that you can pop in a relax with, and it’s exactly what you need to remind you of what a great time you had the night before.

1. Party Monster (AKA Hey, at least I’m not that guy.)

Alright, so now that you’ve admitted to yourself that your partying days are long from over, I think you are ready to handle a movie like Party Monster. Here’s a movie you can watch with pure satisfaction solely because despite who you made out with, any wardrobe malfunction that may have occurred, or the fact that you were so drunk you may or may not have wet the bed, nothing you did even comes close to the weird shit you’ll see in Party Monster. This is your acceptance movie, because let’s face it, the hangover was probably worth it.

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