Road To Halloween: Jesse’s Top 5 New Movie Monsters

Written by Jesse Gelinas October 30, 2015

A Crawler from The Descent, a new movie monster

We all remember the classics; Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon. These movie monsters are so engrained in our collective consciousness that they’ve lived on for almost a century. As a rule, whether they admit it or not, people love to be scared. Hollywood has been terrifying us for a long time, using and abusing these classics time and time again. But every now and then, Hollywood spits out something fresh and frightening. To honour these bouts of originality over the last decade, here are my Top 5 NEW Movie Monsters!

5. Grabbers (Grabbers, 2012)

Grabbers are Ireland's addition to movie monsters

“Tis no fuckin’ lobster!”

Straight from the heart of Ireland comes the silly creature feature, “Grabbers.” Following the lead of flicks like “Tremors” and “Shaun Of The Dead,” this flick packs great laughs in with some pretty cool monster effects. The movie monster in question, is an oversized squid-like creature that feeds on human blood. With a heavy downpour covering the small Irish island, the monster is no longer limited to the sea and comes on land looking for a feast. The townspeople’s only defense? Liquor up and make their blood inconsumable. The movie may not have made a big enough splash to become a classic, but the Grabber itself is a worthy entry.

4. Dren (Splice, 2009)

Dren is a different kind of movie monster

“If you could understand crazy, it wouldn’t be crazy.”

Canada’s film industry is a bit of an anomaly. When we go big, we also tend to go dark, depressing, and utterly disturbing. Enter “Splice” with Sarah Polly and Adrian Brody. geneticists trying to create animal hybrids for medical purposes. Enough exposition, let’s make a monster. Dren is their masterpiece. She is an amphibious, carnivorous, human-animal hybrid with retractable wings, a deadly stinger, and a few other surprises under her skirt. She is also surprisingly intelligent, and seductive when push comes to shove. Again, the movie didn’t quite find its audience, but is well on its way to becoming a cult classic already, and Dren is a wonderful new movie monster.

3. The Crawlers (The Descent, 2005)

The Crawlers from the Descent are an instant classic movie monster

“There’s something down here.”

This is where things start to get nasty. British director Neil Marshall is fantastic at delivering scares and thrills on a budget. His earlier film, “Dog Soldiers” remains one of the only great modern werewolf films. “The Descent: is more of a slow burn horror flick, but once it gets going, the scares never stop. The subterranean creatures (dubbed Crawlers by the filmmakers) are flesh-eating monsters that have adapted to life in total darkness. The implication being that they are a separate evolutionary line from modern humans. Blind, and relying on sound and smell to hunt, these things are fast, strong, and vicious, especially in packs. These new movie monsters are a welcome addition to the genre.

2. The Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006)

The Pale Man is one of the more memorable movie monsters from recent times.

“Forgotten and lost at the top of that cold, dark mountain, forever alone, until the end of time.”

Unlike the other movie monsters on this list, our #2 is not the central focus of his film. Guillermo del Toro’s dark fantasy “Pan’s Labyrinth” released to huge acclaim and numerous awards, including several Oscars. No small praise was pointed to the wonderful makeup, costumes, and effects of the film’s fantastical creatures. The most iconic creature is certainly The Pale Man. Appearing in only a single, incredibly tense and terrifying scene, this strange creation sits sleeping in front of a huge feast. Once awakened, he plugs his eyes into his hands and begins chasing down out young heroine, and devouring two of her fairy guides. The image of this child-eating beast, lumbering toward you is enough to make just about anyone sweat, and that’s why he has become an instant classic.

1. The Entity (It Follows, 2014)

It Follows has a very non-traditional movie monster

“Wherever you are, it’s somewhere, walking straight for you.”

I’d say the quality that really makes a great movie monster is the ability to really stick with you. Whether it’s on screen or not, whether the movie’s been over for hours, a great monster sticks with you. Last year’s indie horror, “It Follows” is a prime example. The film deals with a sexually-transmitted curse. Once you have it, the creature locks on and will follow you anywhere to kill you, before moving on to the one who passed it to you. You can’t escape it forever. All you can do is pass it along. The entity is barely on screen throughout the film, and when it is, it takes on the guise of random strangers and friends of the heroine to get close to her. The film ranks a perfect 10 on the creepy scale, and will have you looking over your shoulder for days after seeing it. All thanks to a monster without a face of its own.

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