Top 5 New TV Shows Premiering Fall 2012

Written by Hana Elniwairi August 31, 2012

With the fall season upon us, nearly everyone is gearing up to get back to school, and all the other boring ‘real life’ stuff. That being said, who doesn’t love some distraction from all that, and what would be better than a couple of new TV shows to entertain us and possibly take over our lives free time? So here is a brief list of new TV shows that I am most excited about this fall.

5. Arrow (CW)

I didn’t know much about this DC comic book character until I saw the trailer, but after a little research, the Green Arrow became interesting. “Arrow” tells the story of a billionaire who turns out to be alive after being presumed dead for five years. “Arrow” could go several ways; it could turn out to be a dark action thriller type show, or a more drama-filled one. Judging by CW’s other TV shows, the latter is a more likely route. Either way, tune in October 10, 2012, and see for yourself what becomes of “Arrow”.

4. Go On (NBC)

“Go On” is a comedy starring Matthew Perry as a recently widowed sportscaster forced to join a grief support group. The show has the potential to combine together heartbreaking loss and comedy, and possibly do it right. Of course, such plots have been tried before, not always to great success, but who knows, “Go On” could achieve that. Also, Ryan King’s (Perry), attempt at making a game to determine whose loss and problems are the biggest in the support group was intriguing and funny, and I look forward to seeing where this show goes. Tune in on September 11, 2012, or watch the pilot episode, available on

3. Last Resort (ABC)

Getting a little more serious than the previous shows, “Last Resort” is a military drama about the crew of a US Navy submarine gone ‘rogue’ after they refuse to launch a nuclear missile intended to destroy an entire country. There is bound to be some debate surrounding this show, but I’m much more interested in the dynamic of the group and how they cope when they are forced to live on an island. There is also a lot of drama regarding to the crew’s attempts to prove their innocence, and what is happening to their loved ones in the US, as well as dealing with the current residents of the island. “Last Resort” stars Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, & Robert Patrick, and will be premiering on September 27, 2012.

2. Elementary (CBS)

Speaking of shows surrounded by debate, meet “Elementary”. Sherlock Holmes seems to be garnering a lot of interest in the last couple of years, so it was only a matter of time before he graced North American televisions as well. So what’s all the debate about? “Elementary” brings a British Sherlock Holmes to the streets of New York City, where he intends to become a consultant to the NYPD. Holmes, recently out from a rehab facility for drug abuse, is assisted by a former surgeon Joan Watson, whose main job -in the beginning- is to ensure Holmes remains sober. It is entirely possible that this new take on Holmes and Watson turns out to be a major flop, but there is also a chance that the opposite happens. Fans of the BBC “Sherlock” might be hesitant to watch, but why not? After all, it’s fun to compare and contrast. “Elementary” stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes, and Lucy Liu as Watson. It will be premiering on September 27th, 2012.

1. Revolution (NBC)

Continuing with the current trends in fiction, “Revolution” features a post-apocalyptic world where electricity goes off and everything is plunged into a new Dark Age. The heroes must deal with militia that rose up after the power went out, and try to find a solution in order to survive. Fans of post-apocalyptic and dystopian literature will definitely find this show intriguing, which is why it won the number one spot. Produced by J. J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Alias, etc.) and featuring a pilot directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, “Revolution” should be a pretty awesome show. Check it out on Septermber 17th, 2012.

Honourable Mentions: Partners, Made In Jersey, and The Mob Doctor

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