Memory Lane – Hana’s Top 5 Nostalgic Movies

Written by Hana Elniwairi February 26, 2013


Nostalgia is a powerful thing; it can cloud even the wisest person’s judgement. That being said, I really have no chance of escaping the powerful bias of nostalgia. So today, I bring you my Top 5 Nostalgic films. Some of them have withstood the test of time, but let’s be real here, some of them are also quite¬†embarrassing¬† Nonetheless, I really have very little shame in declaring that I love each of these films.

5. Home Alone (Chris Columbus, 1990)


This film came out two years before I was born, and as such, I cannot remember exactly when I first saw it. It gets to be on this list purely due to the fact my parents absolutely love it for its sheer ridiculousness and the unbelievability of its pranks and Kevin’s tricks. I watch it these days, and mostly, I enjoy recalling the memories of various family gatherings and everyone’s reaction to pranks and whatnot. But hey, everything has its fans!

4. The Parent Trap (Nancy Meyers, 1998)


Once upon a time, Lindsey Lohan was known for making pretty decent movies. “The Parent Trap”, in my opinion, was one of them. Unlike “Home Alone”, I actually chose to watch this one, and I’m pretty glad I did. As I’ve never seen the 1961 film, I cannot make points of comparison. However, pranks, jokes, and general fun was enjoyed by me. Maybe if I watched it now, my opinion would be different, but I guess we’ll never find out. As far as 7-years old Me was concerned, “The Parent Trap” was funniest, coolest thing in the world, and that nostalgia somewhat carries over till now.

3. Anastasia (Dan Bluth & Gary Goldman, 1997)


I have to be honest with you guys, this was probably the first film to bring out the fangirl in me. I blame “Anastasia” for igniting an interest in history (despite its inaccuracies), Russia, and Europe in general, that has not left me yet, although it is much more educated now, fortunately. Still, six-years old me enjoyed dancing around her room to ‘Once Upon a December’ and ‘Paris Holds the Key’ quite a bit. And for the longest time, Dmitri was the guy for me.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 – 3 (Gore Verbinski, 2003 – 2007)

A shot of Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean", Hana's #2 nostalgic film

This particular movie (or movies) are not from that far back, but they garnered a spot on this list because I believe only nostalgia -and Johnny Freakin’ Depp- is the reason I will keep on watching as many “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies as Disney decides to come out with (with a fifth one in the way). “Curse of the Black Pearl” was magnificent, and the following two slightly less so (my personal favourite being “Dead Man’s Chest” because I love jars of dirt). While I appreciate that the films have their flaws, there is a bit of a swash-buckler in me that kind of doesn’t care, and will just keep blowing off money on them regardless.

1. Mulan (Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook, 1998)

Let’s get down to business, because we’re at number one. Yes, Mulan wins this one, and quite frankly, this is probably the only one of these movies that I will watch today without criticizing a single thing about. “Mulan” has it all for any young girl; you have the pretty dolling up, then the ass-kicking, comedy, and we still manage to sneak in a pretty good love story. “Mulan” would win all the awards if I gave them out, no matter what anyone else says.

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