Top 5 Real Uses for Youtube

Written by Krystal D'Souza December 01, 2011

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are really using Youtube for? Are you actually getting practical information…or are you just getting comedic garbage? Here are the top 5 real uses for Youtube:


Let’s be honest, as students with no cable, the internet is our only real connection to Hollywood gossip. Youtube, as with real life, is flooded with people who are celebrity obsessed. The only difference between people that are celebrity obsessed in real life and people that are celebrity obsessed on Youtube is that real people don’t video tape themselves during their rants about their love for Aguilera or their hatred for the Beibz. On Youtube, not only do you get the latest dirt on your favourite celebs, but you get to watch someone make an ass of themselves on camera as well! What’s not to love? Take Chris Crocker for example…need I say more?


Youtube is packed with tutorials on how to do your hair and makeup, how to play the piano, or even how to make the perfect romantic dinner for two. I think it’s safe to say, however, that we aren’t watching these videos to actually learn something…no, no, no! We are watching these videos to hear the commentary that is happening during the tutorial! Although some of these are incredibly boring (“I took my dog to the park today…he pooped on someone’s driveway”), if you dig deep enough, you can always find a diamond in the rough! For your viewing pleasure:

3. TO STEAL MUSIC…that is all.


The majority of videos on Youtube are of people judging other people. People spend their entire Youtube careers criticizing what other people do…and viewers love it! Not only do the viewers watch Youtube-ers judging other people, but the viewers judge the Youtube-ers, as well! Its an endless chain of hate on Youtube, and people are basking in it…mostly because its funny…


I think its safe to say that numbers two through five are all perfect examples of number one. Why do people really use Youtube, you ask? Its not to learn something new, or to even find something useful…its to PROCRASTINATE! Picture this: You’re about to start your homework, but you have a serious craving for some 90’s music. You get onto Youtube and load the first Spice Girl’s song you can find…An hour later, you realize that you’ve just watched 23 videos of puppies falling asleep in their food dishes and babies laughing at the sound of paper ripping.

I wish I could criticize people for wasting their time on Youtube…but then again, I’m one of those people. To this I say; watch on, Youtube-ers, watch on!

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