Road to Halloween: Top 5 Reasons We Had Nightmares as Kids

Written by Megan Alexander October 31, 2012

It’s time for nightmares this Halloween, so for those of you planning to watch horrific slasher flicks may I suggest putting away those overrated R rated movies and watch something that gave you a real fright as a child. Strike up a scare that you have not felt since seven by revisiting the movies and television shows that definitely gave you nightmares as a child.

5. Walt Disney Villains

For many, Disney films represents early childhood memories, because they are some of the earliest films people remember watching as kids. They also represent out first nightmares, because good god are they sinister. Disney truly has mastered the formula for creating fully evolved and engaging villains that both have entertained and terrified us as kids. As adults, some of us may even admire and appreciate Disney villains more so then Disney heroes, because their presence on screen had a bigger effect on us as kids. Disney’s world of villains are full of characters drawn up from inspiration and many of us have at least one that gave us nightmares…Ursula anyone?

4) Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

For what is suppose to be a world of pure imagination, the chocolate factory of one Mr. Willy Wonka is truly a world of pure candy coated torture for bad little boys and girls. In many ways, Willy Wonka’s factory is the modern day gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel because they both lure children in with a sweet and scrumptious exterior, but when they go inside it’s a nightmare of candy swirls. However, though the way the factory has terrifying  ways of ‘eliminating’ children is surely worthy of a couple nightmares, the scariest part of it has to its paddle boat tunnel of terror, complete with Wonka reciting that very creepy unnerving poem.The children who visited Wonka’s Factory certainly had the spoiled scared out of them just as those of us watching had the sugar scared out of us.

3) The Trunchbolle from “Matilda”

More often then not school principals are portrayed as button up middle age buffoons (Principal Skinner, Mr. Belding, and Edward Rooney) but  Ms. Trunchbolle, from the classic children’s film “Matilda,” is certainly not one of these principals. In fact, her methods of education would be effective enough to put Bart, Zack, and Farris in their place. Truly only a figure of pure evil would put her students in a small glass shared room called the choky, throw a little girl over the fence with her pigtails, and turn the childhood joy of eating chocolate cake into a traumatic experience (oh the humanity)!

2) “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and “Goosebumps”

If you grew up in the 1990’s and you wanted to prove to your friends that you were not chicken, you probably had to subject your self to the C8 rated horror of “Goosebumps” and  or “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. Though the stories told  in both of these shows may seem tame to the average 12 years old, they were captured in such a way that easily scared us as kids. Though both the shows were meant to give children a fun scare, not a terrifying scare, I am sure more then a few of them managed to keep a few of them up at night…I am talking too you talking to you Slappy the Dummy from “Goosebumps”.

1) Pennywise from “IT”

It is my personal belief that for every child who enjoys clowns, there are about three more children who are absolutely terrified by them. Tim Curry’s performance as this hellish harlequin Pennywise still has the ability to strike fear into the adults who watched the film as children, perhaps enough to bring up nightmares of killer red balloons, blood coming out of shower drains, and Pennywise morphing into a million spiders. I am sure that Pennywise has kept many kids from running away to joining the circus, and even more kids running into their parents bedroom.

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