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Written by Kristen Kerstner January 17, 2012

Don’t lie. If you have watched Community then you’ve also probably gotten one of their songs stuck in your head at one time or another. Without getting into any spoiler alerts for the songs to come in the article, you might be familiar with little ditties like “Getting Rid of Britta,” Pierce’s rendition of “Changes” or any of the songs that have appeared in any of the Christmas specials. This is a cast who likes to sing. Oddly enough, Team Community has found a way to do it without annoying their audience (Think High School Musical minus Zach Effron and his scooby gang, and the cheese that comes along with them). While Community can be cheesy at times, the shows own hyperawareness of itself leaves the impression that they are also aware of their own cheese. Here is a list of the top 5 songs in Community, AKA Community College Musical, serving up a weekly dose of cheese with a purpose.

5. “Finally Be Fine” (Season 3 Ep. 1 – Biology 101)

Community really seems to be stuck on these Glee musical parodies, and while there were many to choose from, this one made the cut simply for it’s ironic lyrics. “Finally be fine”? It’s not even possible for these characters to be normal and that’s partly what audiences love about them so much. This song borders on being too much, but, in true Community style, seems to be one of its redeeming qualities. Unlike the other song on this top 5 list, this song isn’t particularly good, but the idea behind it is, and that sort of makes up for it.

4. “Somewhere Out There” (Season 1 Ep. 10 – Environmental Science)

There is so much going on while Abed and Troy sing “Somewhere Out There.” Chang’s dancing/having a sloppy make out sesh with his wife who left him, and Shirley is doing a brownie presentation, not to mention the number of allusions laced throughout this scene alone. Maybe I’m just a sucker for American Tail, but Chang dancing with his wife, Shirley doing well on her presentation, and Fievel climbing up Troy’s pant leg, creates the best kind of feel-good moment, and the only kind Community can handle, one that is both short lived and sarcastic.

3. “I Can’t Be Killed” (Season 1 Ep. 13 – Investigative Journalism)

“Not another teacher with this much flava”? Ain’t it the truth. While Chang doesn’t actually sing “I Can’t Be Killed,” it had to be added to the list if for no other reason than to remind us all of how amazing Chang used to be. He went from being a central figure in season one to this weird guy who hangs around for a few laughs. It doesn’t seem right to bash what was once such a magnetic character, and I feel as good about it as MJ fans did when they started joking about him touching boys, but the true spirit of Chang is gone. I guess you could be killed. R.I.P Señor Chang. Regardless of what’s happened to Chang’s character since season one, this song and scene is nothing less than amazing.

2. “Library Rap” (Season 1 Ep. 2 – Spanish 101)

While many people may have been expecting Troy and Abed’s “Library Rap” to hit the top of this chart, it arrives at a close second. This song is undoubtedly a favourite. Just type “Community Library Rap” into YouTube and you’ll find countless videos of people who have made their own versions of the song. Not only are viewers given a good beat, but they get to learn some Spanish at the same time. Bonus points for making anyone who tries to rap this feel like they actually have some rap abilities, because that is muy bueno.

1. “Christmas Infiltration” (Season 3 Ep. 10 – Regional Holiday Music) 

I don’t know if it’s because Community always seems to go all out with their Christmas specials or if it’s because this last episode is one of the freshest in my memory bank (or perhaps it’s the popular Troy/Abed duo who appear to get most of the great songs on Community), but “Christmas Infiltration” is at the top of the list – where else will you find lyrics like “I am Jehovah’s most secret witness”? Any Community fan is well aware that characters may break into song at any moment, but this song actually breaks out into its own music video teaming up with rap video girls who dance in the background, Santa, and texts effect. Is it even possible for this segment to get any better? The answer is no…unless Betty White would have made another cameo.

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