Dynamic Duos: Travis’s Top 5 Superhero Duos

Written by Travis Pulchinski January 30, 2013

Batman and Robin Top 5 Superhero DuosWith the explosion of the superhero film in recent years, comic books fans have been treated to seeing of some of their favorite dynamic duos appear on the big screen in spectacular fashion.  This list compiles the top five pairings of live-action superhero movie duos based on their compatibility, combustibility and on-screen chemistry.  And to nip this at the bud, there’s no Batman and Robin. Not until Robin is played by someone other than Chris O’Donnell.

#5. Iron Man and War Machine (Iron Man 2)

With the role of “Rhodey”, a.k.a. War Machine being transferred to Don Cheadle after Terrence Howard fell out of favour with the producers of “Iron Man 2”, a lot of eyes were on Don in his portrayal of Tony Stark’s lifetime friend.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Don Cheadle as an actor, he definitely had more on-screen chemistry with Downey Jr. than Howard did.  Like any good partnership, they start off in conflict, Cheadle providing the stern, militaristic discipline that foils Stark’s rockstar audacity.  While Cheadle keeps him grounded, Stark can think outside of the box, and when they finally put their differences aside and suit up in tandem, the results are explosive.

#4. Batman and Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises)

While Robin has yet to be properly portrayed in a live-action Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” gives us the next best thing, pairing Batman with his iconic rival/partner/lover Catwoman.  While an argument could probably be made for Tim Burton’s 1992 iteration of the same duo, “The Dark Knight Rises” puts two extremely talented actors in the iconic roles in Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway.  While you might be justified in criticizing the stodgy fight choreography, the interactions between the two are one of the highlights of the film, as they play a dangerous game of cat and… bat? before finally uniting towards the common good.

#3. Hellboy and Abe Sapien (Hellboy II: The Golden Army)

abe sapien and hellboy superhero movie duos

Mutants, demons and Barry Manilow

While personally, I enjoyed the first film of the series much more, “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” provides a much more fleshed out friendship between the titular character and his aquatic acquaintance.  Their differences are as evident as the colours of their respective skins, and yet their friendship endures literally through Hell and back again.  While in “Hellboy”, Abe was usually too busy fighting demons in a sewer or reading multiple books simultaneously to be much more than a sidekick to Big Red, in the sequel, his falling desperately in love with the Elf Princess Nuala allows for Hellboy to engage in some quality bromance with his love-struck buddy.

#2. Big Daddy and Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass)

The best partnerships are always the unlikely ones. An eleven-year-old girl and her moustachioed father as a costumed couple was bizarre enough in a comic book form, how could it possibly work in a movie?  Easy, cast Nicholas Cage as a crazy person and Chloë Grace Moretz as the next big thing. As a duo that could have easily seemed pretty wrong, it felt oh so right as Hit-Girl and her Daddy slaughtered thugs in droves.  While they may shoot each other upon occasion, when the fists start to fly their relationship feels genuine and their love for one another as strong as any non-murderous family.

#1. The Crimson Bolt and Boltie (Super)

The 2010 film “Super” was an in-your-face, boldfaced bizarrity that polarized viewers with its unconventional style and twisted subject matter. I could write about this movie for days, but suffice to say, if you haven’t seen it, see it.  Essentially the indie version of “Kick-Ass”, “Super” points to the fact that anyone who dresses up in spandex and becomes a vigilante is probably somewhat mentally disturbed.  Epitomizing this idea are the film’s two main characters, Frank, a.k.a. “The Crimson Bolt” and Libby, a.k.a. “Boltie”.  When you talk about unlikely pairings, these two take the cake.  Satirizing the conventional hero and kid-sidekick relationship, Frank and Libby go around “punishing evildoers” and getting into all sorts of profanity-laced, limb breaking, blood spurting hijinks along the way.  Proving that the most dynamic duos are the dysfunctional ones, the two are at opposing ends of the crazy spectrum, putting them constantly at odds in some strange and downright shocking confrontations.  Yet, despite their volatility, they need one another and function as two halves of a heroic whole, making them the greatest superheroic duo to ever grace the screen.

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