Dynamic Duos: Jessica’s Top 5 TV Siblings

Written by Jessica Koroll January 28, 2013

tumblr_lz3hu9j9z21qh59n0o1_500Siblings are a fact of life for most. Whether they’re the kind who conveniently disappears whenever you go searching for a missing item, or happen to be your best friend, siblings are, more often than not, inescapable. So, when television sets out to explore these special familial bonds, it definitely proves to be a “your experience may vary” type of journey. Like anything else, some portrayals end up being spot on, while others may leave you questioning whether the writers even know what life with a sibling even entails. To help those along who, like me, have a bit of a soft spot for the unique problems inherent to any sibling pair, here are my top 5 TV sibling duos!

#5: Claire Dunphy & Mitchell Pritchett –  “Modern Family”

mfoneIt’s stated early on that Claire and Mitchell were pretty competitive with each other when they were young. Whereas Claire found favour with their father, Mitchell would often side with their mother. Fast-forward to their adult years and, aside from the resulting small patches of resentment, the two actually share more similarities than anyone would have expected. In their uptight, and slightly neurotic, ways, their attempts to find common ground are always entertaining to watch as an alliance slowly forms and they eventually become increasingly supportive of one another over the course of the series.

#4: Niles & Frasier Crane – “Frasier”

frasier-niles2It’s been just under a decade since this show came to the end and yet the Crane brothers still remain fresh in my mind for their shared growth and talent for comedic timing. Niles and Frasier initially appear to be very similar to one another. They’re both practicing psychiatrists, enjoy excursions to the opera, and find value in a perfectly aged bottle of wine. Most times, they’re the only ones who can understand each other. While, at others, they’re on the verge of ripping each other apart. Either way, their shared ability to balance mature intellect with childish reasoning as they learn to live in the same city together allows for moments that I still find myself laughing at years later.

#3: Bart & Lisa Simpson – “The Simpsons”

lisa-curando-a-bart-1024x768-658I can’t speak much for the series’ most recent seasons but, back in the day, Bart and Lisa were the quintessential pair of siblings. They fought over toys, their parents’ attention, and the tv, all while sitting in wait for the perfect opportunity to one up each other. However, even with the show’s emphasis on comedy, The Simpsons also had a surprising number of heart-warming moments, especially when it came to Bart and Lisa. I mean, does anyone remember the episode when Bart and Lisa are on opposing hockey teams? And they end up hating each other’s guts? But then, while on the rink, they get flashbacks to when Bart shared his ice cream after Lisa dropped hers and another when Lisa is bandaging Bart up? Lesson learned, “The Simpsons” is merciless when it wants to make you feel.

#2: Nate & David Fisher – “Six Feet Under”

DavidNatePDVD_264I’ll admit, I’m behind. Having only watched most of season one, there’s a lot that I have yet to learn about these two. However, as early as season one, the relationship proves tumultuous and compelling enough that I’m already hooked. Nate and David are exact opposites to one another. Their differing approaches to the family business of funeral management, along with the misunderstandings that exist between them due to David prolonged absence, creates a  sense of tension that can only exist in a family that secretly cares. With so much anger and an overt inability to reconcile, I’m going to be sitting here hoping that things turn out ok, as the few scenes in which they cooperate just show so much potential.

#1: Sam & Dean Winchester – “Supernatural”

Sam-And-Dean-bikeThe first time we’re introduced to the Winchesters is on the night of their mother’s murder, in which we see a young Dean carrying out Sam from the burning remains of their childhood home. As the series opener, this scene not only manages to present the initial plot, but also ingrains into the audience, early on, the nature of the Winchester’s bond. Through a large portion of the series (and even before that point), Sam and Dean really only have each other to rely on as they go on hunts and take up the family business. Their subsequent bond ends up expressing itself in the natural way these two fit together as they find time to pull pranks on each other, argue over which music station to put the car radio on, and pick up the slack when the other trips up. In the end, even as apocalypse inducing conflicts and opposing goals threaten their small family unit, their reliance on each other keeps them afloat and plays a key role in keeping the series grounded.

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