The Top 5 Worst Ways To Die in Horror Flicks

Written by Eryl McCaffrey October 26, 2011

By Eryl McCaffrey

Blood, guts and tears, oh my! I knew I smelled the rotting stench of death in the air, and this can only mean one thing. It’s almost Halloween and what better way to tee up the creepiest event of the year than to look at some of the worst deaths depicted in horror flicks!  Join me as I count down the top five most horrific ways to croak on the big screen.

5) Doggie Door in Scream

Tatum sees the man in the mask in the garage and thinks it’s all a big prank. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten this scene in the first ever Scream flick. Rose McGowan plays the bratty teen with an attitude problem who gets literally squashed to death.  In an effort to escape from Ghostface, Tatum tries to crawl through the doggie door in her electric garage door. Ghostface catches her before she’s able to pull her double D’s through to the other side and presses the garage door opener, squishing her head as it slowly opens. What a gruesome way to go, but it’s certainly not the worst we’ve seen.

4) Razor Wire Room in Saw



There were many disgusting traps and tests set up throughout the Saw movie series but none are quite as gruesome as the Razor Wire Room.  Jigsaw kidnaps and traps a partially naked man in a fenced-in area inside a basement. The victim can escape through the door on the other side of the room, but of course there is a catch. Between the victim and his way out is a maze of tightly strung together razor wire. Adding to the panic, the victim must reach the door before the timer goes off, shutting and locking off his only exit.  He only makes it halfway before being cut to shreds and bleeding to death. What a conundrum. Sit and wait to die, or kill yourself slowly attempting to escape. Seeing how this turned out, I’d take option A.

3) Eat to Death in Seven



One of the seven deadly sins is Gluttony and Director David Fincher couldn’t have illustrated the concept in a more nauseating way in this classic thriller. The killer on a religious hunt to cleanse the evils of LA decides to strap one large man down to his dining chair and force feed him until his stomach literally explodes.  The man sits in a diaper full of his own excrements for weeks and has no choice but to participate in the ritualized mass feedings until he bursts. The eerie cinematography goes a long way in this scene, but most of all it’s the idea of eating until you die that’s a little freaky. I know we’ve all felt like that after a good outing at Mandarin, but never has that feeling been transferred onto the big screen and put to the extreme. It’s a pretty slow and torturous death, but definitely not the worst we’ve seen in horror flicks.


2) Waxed Up in House of Wax

Ok, so maybe you’re starting to see a trend here.  I would hate to die slowly in a confined space, with little opportunity for escape, but wouldn’t we all? The 2005 horror flick had Paris Hilton on set and an ultra cheesey script but a very unique concept. Wade, played by Jared Padalecki, is chained down to a chair in the murderer’s creepy life-sized wax dollhouse, lips sewn shut and unable to move. The deformed killer poors wax all over his body turning him into another one of his figurines.



Wade is frozen in this new form, but he’s still alive. It may not seem like the most painful way to die, but it’s certainly seems like the most psychologically torturous way to go. This is of course nothing compared to the very worst way to croak on the big screen.

1)    Tortured To Death in Martyrs



You may not have seen this 2009 French-Canadian horror film and you might not want to after you learn of the torture one lead character endures in this film. I felt sick to my stomach for days after watching this film and I still haven’t been able to shake the imagery of one particular scene. Anna is kidnapped by a religious group on a relentless pursuit to figure out if there is life after death. They beat, slice and starve Anna to see how close they can push her to death, without actually losing her. They hope by doing this that she’ll cross the border into ‘the other side’ and come back to tell them what she’s seen. In one of the final scenes of the gruesome film, Anna is strapped to a circular metal device, naked and skinned alive slowly.  The next scene she is being wheeled around in a chair, skinless and barely breathing only to endure one last test: being burned alive. You’ll just have to rent it to find out what happens in the end and then I’m sure you’ll agree this is by far the worst way to die in a horror film.

With all that horrific imagery implanted in your brain, I say have a safe and happy Halloween!

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