Top Five Movies I’ve Always Wanted To See- The Ethan Edition

Written by Ethan Butler August 17, 2012

Hi my name is Ethan, and I am a movie addict. Unlike others who have terrible addictions to horrible substances, mine is a pretty great one, and I don’t plan to “kick” it anytime soon. In my many years living with (and loving) my addiction I have seen many a movie, or film as they are also called. Yet there are still many that I have yet to have the pleasure of seeing. Generally I enjoy all types of movies, but I for the most part almost religiously avoid films that came out before the year 1970. Nothing against those timeless classics but in my own personal opinion the best films in nearly every genre and sub-genre have come out post 1970, but I digress. Ironically some of the films on my list did come out before 1970, these are films that I have been told again-and-again to see and have always wanted to but have always been hesitant. Also because I am something of a completist.

5. Saw (James Wan, 2004)

I can remember back to when this franchise was just starting out, before it’s legacy had been somewhat tarnished by roughly 6 inferior sequels. Back to when it was the closing film at the Toronto International Film Festival. I remember my mom, and brother having rented it and not letting me watch because of how insanely graphic it is. Recently I went through a major horror kick, and watched several great, and truly terrifying horror films. This is one that I am still somewhat nervous to watch. I do plan to watch it before the summer is over, because my curiosity will eventually get the better of me because I have heard that this first instalment from Insidious director James Wan is excellent, so I look forward to being terrified by it soon.

4. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Sergio Leone, 1966)


I have never been a big fan of the Western genre, but I have still always wanted to see this classic Western for a few reasons- 1. One of my Grandfathers, and Best Friends favourite movies, 2. One of only 2 films in IMDB’s top 250 top 10 I have yet too see, and 3. Because Clint Eastwood is a total bad-ass. It’s length, and my general distaste for the genre have kept me from watching it, but I hope to overcome both and see if it is as good as i am told it is.

3. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)

This is one I am somewhat ashamed to say I have yet too see it. This year my interest in the film grew with my newfound appreciation for Horror. I should have seen it is film class, but I had to miss that class because of previous commitments, and later on I rented it, but failed to watch it because when I finally had time too I chose to watch Edgar Wright’s brilliant “Hot Fuzz” (I regret nothing). Since it is not only from what I hear a great horror film, but one of the greatest movies ever I shall eventually see it… or will I dun dun dun (what a twist).

2. Following (Christopher Nolan, 1998)

Christopher Nolan is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of all time, and a personal favourite of mine so it saddens me to say that I have not seen his very first feature film. I am something of a completist so I plan to watch this film ASAP, but at the time of writing I have yet to see it. It is the only one of Nolan’s 9 feature films I have not seen, and I hear it is brilliant. It is always interesting to see where your favourite filmmakers early work, so I eagerly await viewing this film.

1. Superman (Richard Donner, 1978)

I’ll be honest, I have seen almost half of this movie a few times, yet for one reason or another I have not seen the entire film. Superhero movies are generally my favourite type of films so it deeply saddens me that I have yet to see the original “Superman” film in it’s entirety, it makes me even more sad that I have seen the God-Awful “Superman Returns” but not the timeless classic starring the late Christopher Reeves in the title role. Soon I hope to see this movie, but until I do I suppose I will continue looking up into the sky wondering if it was a bird, or a plane.


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  1. i saw superman 4: Quest for Peace that’s why they called it that

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