Top 5 Films with Effed Up Plots

Written by Pam-Marie Gx November 12, 2011

I, more than most people, have had the pleasure of being introduced to a wide variety of films. This is partly due to a lack of parental controls on the satellite my grandmother had in the early ‘90s, and partly due to having older cousins with rather strange tastes. Some of these movies are mind-blowing in their convoluted plots and strange ways. My favourites are as follows:

5. Wizards

This movie, from 1977, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. WWIII has taken place, and the resulting radiation has left the majority of humans mutated and horribly deformed. With the loss of humanity and science, magic has reemerged. A conflict between the mutants and the magical creatures (including fairies and elves) is in the process of taking place, each side led by a powerful Wizard. The movie uses a variety of animation styles, which give it a unique atmosphere that I haven’t seen in any other film. The movie is at once dark and hopeful, and the vision of the future manages to be both fantastical and realistic.

4. My Father the Hero

There is no way to explain the plot of this movie. One could say that it centres around the attempts of Andre (played by the rather popular French actor Gérard Depardieu) to become closer to his rather unique daughter (played by a very young Katherine Heigl). This movie undergoes a large number of awkward twists and turns, and the mind-blowing collection of lies that build up become almost dizzying in their silliness. If you’re up for watching something hilariously insane, I highly recommend this film.

3. Cry-Baby

One of Johnny Depp’s less-known films, Cry-Baby is a fairly new find that I stumbled upon by accident. It tells the story of a simple square (Amy Locane) who falls for the bad-boy Cry-Baby Walker, leader of a gang of misfits known as the “Drapes.” The characters are so over-the-top that one can’t help but laugh, and the musical numbers range from the whimsical “Mr. Sandman” to the best of hillbilly rock. With a surprising cast, including Iggy Pop and a young Ricky Lake, this movie will have you cheering for the team from the wrong side of the tracks.

2. Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme

Speaking of musically-inclined movies, no film I’ve seen has had more random musician cameos than Mother Goose Rock ‘N’ Rhyme. While the main plot follows the journey of Gordon Goose (son of the famous Mother Goose) as he attempts to find his missing mother and the other disappearing Rhymies. Once he teams up with Little Bo Peep, who is searching for her sheep, he runs into all sorts of of eccentric characters: Mary (Cindi Lauper) and her little lamb (Woody Harrelson), Georgie Porgie (Art Garfunkle), Old King Cole (Little Richard), Simple Simon (Paul Simon), and the three men in the tub (ZZ Top), as well as many others. The scenery is plenty colourful, and much of what happens will surprise and delight you.

1. Once Upon a Time (Original Japanese Title: Dôwa meita senshi Windaria)

This is one of my all-time favourite movies. As a Japanese take on the theme of Romeo and Juliet, Once Upon a Time shows the dire consequences of war and greed on relationships with loved ones. The beautiful animation allows for some breathtaking scenery, and the dubbed version features some of the best voice acting I have ever heard. The characters are believable and easy to relate to, and they take you on an emotional ride that is rarely seen. While hard to find, this movie is worth the extra search time.

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