Dynamic Duos: Tommy’s Top 5 Sitcom Duos

Written by Tommy January 25, 2013

Sitcoms are usually, and I’m going to be a little broad here, about people. How these people interact with each other usually becomes the main appeal of the series. People are always like: “Heyyy, I’m like THAT character and you’re like THAT person. I determined this by taking a test on Facebook.” Usually it’s the interactions between two specific characters, or DUOS that we focus on. I took five of them that really turn my crank, and ranked them here, because my life is barren and meaningless.

5) Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs – Extras

“Ohhh ooooh I prefer British sitcoms they’re always so witty and bluh blah” – Some Loser. Don’t get excited, Captain Monty Python, because this is the only one on the list. Also, I really like “opposites attract” kind of duos so prepare for a lot of that. For this one, it’s all about how goddamn depressing this show is. Andy Millman’s life is one crushing failure after another as he moves from crappy job to crappy job. Still, at the end of the day, he always can count on the usually naive optimism of Maggie Jacobs. Even though he usually finds her annoying, he relies on her as a counterbalance to sobering reality, whether he realizes it or not. Wait a minute… she’s just a construct whose whole purpose is to serve the male lead. She barely does anything on her own! Screw this one.

4) April and Andy- Parks & Recreation

Okay so, I may not be the best judge of relationships, given my track record. Still though, there’s something strangely endearing about the relationship here. April is sarcastic, bitter, and introverted, Andy is whatever the opposite of those words is, and yet, they seem perfect for each other. Maybe it’s because neither one wants to grow up, maybe it’s because the writers really suck. Whatever it is, it makes my withered heart smile . It just makes you wanna watch  youtube videos with all their moments together set to awful music. It’s the kind of relationship that would seem doomed to failure when it faces the cold cynicism of real life, but it does just fine. Probably because the writers really suck.

3)Troy and Abed – Community

Trust me, this isn’t just because Childish Gambino is flier than a jet, women hoping they can land him. Troy and Abed are just such pure friends. They instantly forgive each other when they get into fights, always know what the other is thinking, and just enjoy each other so much that it kind of forces you to find it adorable. It’s just charming to see such a strong, unbreakable friendship. Heck it’s the whole core appeal of “Adventure Time”. Alright, now I’m gonna drop rhymes. You wanna see my girl? I ain’t that dumb, You wanna see my girl? Check AnimeCon. Damn, why does every web writer gotta rank some? I dunno, all I know is I’m the best one.

2)Larry David and Leon Black- Curb your Enthusiasm

Unlike Troy and Abed, this is one of those things where it’s the opposites that make it so great. Larry is a neurotic, pedantic, stick in the mud and Leon is free spirited and unpredictable, but can they survive living in the same house??? In the show Larry almost goes out of his way to be difficult to be around, but Leon’s so carefree that no matter what Larry says or does it doesn’t bother him at all. It’s a welcome change of pace from Larry constantly offending everyone. Leon is one of the few people in the show who is almost always on Larry’s side, and it is a PRESCRIPTION for HILARITY.

1) Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza- Seinfeld

Not sure if this is a duo, since the show doesn’t really revolve around their relationship, but there’s no two people in sitcom history who work better together than George and Jerry. Heck, there’s a reason George Costanza was third in Entertainment Weekly’s “50 Greatest Sidekicks”, behind two people nobody ever heard of. What, in my opinion, makes them so great together is that they are totally awful to each other. Everyone else on this list are friends, who look out for each other. Here, Jerry delights in George’s misery, like when he finds out he doesn’t really have Jon Voight’s car, and in a different episode, George purposefully rejects helping Jerry with his girlfriend problems so he that can play Frolf. At the same time though, they are both willing to help each other out, with schemes or whatever. Sometimes it’s a friendship, sometimes one torments the other. I don’t know. Either way it’s the best.


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