An Abomination to Television Known as “Work It”

Written by Guest January 08, 2012

More and more the studio audience sitcom is dying out. Rarely do they get critical acclaim, they often do not try to be smart and the comedy medium of studio audiences has become a thing of the past. Here is where laugh tracks come in. Laugh tracks can be used to create the illusion that the show is filmed in front of a studio audience (in the case of “How I Met Your Mother“) or to create an illusion that an unfunny show is funny (in the case of every Disney Channel sitcom ever). I really, really hope that the laughter I heard in “Work It” was a laugh track and not a studio audience nor the sounding call of the apocalypse.

The premise of “Work It” is that men post-Recession cannot get jobs based on their merits as women deserve all the jobs based on their gender, even if they have no merits. Because they are broke and unemployed, two men decide to dress as women to land jobs in what they see as an injustice against the male gender. Gender stereotypes flourish and cross-dressing hijinks occur. That’s it. There is nothing more to this show than sexist characterizations and exaggerations of gender stereotypes. I think that the writers decided that setting gender ideology back a couple hundred years was more important to making a “good” comedy than writing a single funny joke. The only thing that is laughable is knowing that this show is going to tank hard allowing ABC to finally bring back “Cougar Town” to air, a show that is actually good.

                           *Insert hysterical audience laughter here*


“Work It” airs on Tuesday nights on ABC at 8:30. I tell you this so you know what time to boycott the network. ABC is the same network that fired a guy for green lighting “Lost”, so I have no idea what punishment the evil villain behind allowing “Work It” to see the light of day will have to endure. The show stars that guy who played Robin’s boyfriend Don on “How I Met Your Mother” a couple years back as Lee, a bafoonish father of a teenage daughter and annoying wife. Also starring are a bunch of people I could not recognize and Rebecca Mader who is best known for playing the red-headed Charlotte Lewis in the later seasons of “Lost”. Mader, who is British and speaks with a British accent, has successfully mastered a terrible impression of her British accent. This may be the closest thing to an acting accomplishment on the show.

Lee has two good buddies of which he bros out with. One is Angel, a stereotypical latino who cross-dresses as well and the other is Brian, who I assume is supposed to be “the funny guy” based on how riotous the laugh track is when he spews out a zinger. They bro out by going to a bar talking about manly things like sex with women and drinking copious amounts of beer, which I’m theorizing as to why they are broke. They sharply contrast the women of Lee’s workplace who have girl time by going to the club, drinking martinis and dancing unsexily to “Low” a song that was popular 5-years ago. Again, no humour in any of this. I’m assuming the funniest part of the episode (based on the laugh track) is when Lee tries on his wife’s clothing, falling over and looking at bras and heals in confusion all to the music of “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas, a song that was popular 7-years ago that I can now safely call the “Work It” of pop-music.

I am trying hard to find things about the show that I like. There is nothing at all. I guess the lighting isn’t that bad. Despite my acceptance of the lighting, the fact that it is a slap in the face to the LGBT community makes this show even more tasteless and unacceptable as entertainment. In an era where shows like “Glee”, “Modern Family” and “Happy Endings” all have prominent gay characters it just seemed like television was finally becoming a medium with more diverse characters and more modern opportunities for realistic story telling. The fact that “Work It” exists and has made it to air makes me sad as not only a television viewer, but as a human being.

Please do not watch this show.

My Rating: 1/10

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