Anime Review: “Claymore”: An Anime in Need of Sharpening

Written by Alex Bowman December 09, 2012

When I saw “Claymore” for the first time I was extremely conflicted. I really wanted to like this show; it had an amazing cast of characters, a beautiful fantasy/medieval setting and plenty of unique sword fights that kept me intrigued. Yet the more and more I got into the world of the show, the more and more times I found myself questioning things that I wanted answered despite the show’s adamant reluctance. This anime is a prime example of what can happen when you fail to provide details for a show that pines for proper structure.

The Darkness in Paradise

The story for Claymore takes place on an island where the occupants are constantly under attack by shape-shifting demons called Yoma. The island is split into districts by a secret organization that assigns each district a Claymore (a half-human/half-Yoma hybrid). The main plot focuses on one particular Claymore, Clare, as she goes on assignments for The Organization while accompanied by the boy whose life she saved, Raki.

To the Successors

“Claymore” has redeeming qualities that make it interesting to watch from start to finish. Clare is a very strong protagonist; she can kick ass but also make you feel for her plight as she comes to grips with the demonic side of her personality while trying to play big sister to Raki. Raki may seem a little annoying at first but his presence is necessary to both mirror Clare’s back-story and to act as a foil for Clare’s actions. Besides Clare, there are several other Claymores that are introduced throughout the show and each one is uniquely different from the last. The Yoma are all uniquely scary; they provide the perfect cannon fodder for the Claymores, which can result in some really intense action scenes. The show is also rich with themes regarding racism and discrimination towards Clare and her kind; despite helping the townsfolk, Claymores are feared and hated which really adds weight to the shows’ theme of monsters hunting other monsters.

The Endless Gravestones

The only thing that really holds this anime back from being great is its writing. “Claymore” is able to tell a really brilliant story, however, the devil is in the details… or lack thereof. The writing for this show has a knack for leaving a lot of unanswered questions; how The Organization was formed, how Claymores are trained to use their Yoma powers and why certain areas of the island are under Yoma rule. Some bigger details are explained so quickly that you almost miss them; this does not really flow with the overall suspense that the show is trying to create with the Yoma menace. You will start to lose interest very quickly if you stop to think about all the unanswered questions and you may run the risk of becoming disinterested throughout the series’ progression. In order for a show like this to work the mythos has to be explained enough for the viewer to have a better understanding of the world they are being introduced to; if the writing fails to do this then the world falls apart and the viewer may drift away from the series altogether.

Those Who Rend Asunder

“Claymore” is an anime that feels more like a summer blockbuster than a television series. The show feels unfinished and rushed in certain areas and fails to become symbiotic with the brilliant cast of characters and the suspenseful action scenes. At the end of it all you may end up enjoying this anime if you are only in it for the thrills; the writing is the biggest stain on this show and will most likely leave you feeling unsatisfied.

My Rating: 6/10

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