“House, M.D” Season 8. Worthy As A Final Season?

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 29, 2011

After seven years of being on TV, I wasn’t expecting much from this season of “House, M.D” .  The departure of Cuddy (Lisa Edelstien), meant possible disaster of a probable final season. After all, some of the funniest and most captivating scenes of the show involved House and Cuddy, and now one half of the duo is gone. I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

The new season starts out in a rather unfamiliar setting: House is in prison, but he has a chance to get out on parole for his ‘good-ish’ behaviour. It really seems like that’s just another way of saying ‘we can’t stand you; please go away’.  What is most striking about the season premiere is how House is dealing with everything: this isn’t his team that he can manipulate and push around, but instead they’re serial killers and criminals who are fighting for the position of ‘head honcho’. You’d think that House would bend to their will, with the prospect of getting his freedom back there, but House is House, and that’s always been the best part of the series. He knows that being the bigger man and taking the high road will be more self beneficial, but he just won’t do it.

Although the premiere set the tone for a pleasant start, it was a bit disappointing that the return to PPTH was so soon. There, we find that the new Dean of Medicine is Foreman. Foreman has taken positions of authorty over House before and it almost never works. Unlike Cuddy, Foreman doesn’t only try to keep House in check, he’s obssessed with the idea of controlling him, which isn’t working out well. With two obssessive personalities clashing; it’s bound to be disasterous!

As for other characters,Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) didn’t stay long, which is a good thing, her character was taken as far as it could have been. Incredibley impressive is Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), who has delivered his best work so far. Since he was introduced, his storylines have focused on his infidelity and House proving his ‘no one is good’ theory. While that was entertaining for a while, seeing Taub now as the father who’s desperately trying to build a relationship with his daughters, while working, and dealing with House, is all rather refreshing. It gives his character much-needed depth. Additionally, the portrayal of Taub as a man willing to be selfish to be a part of the girls’ lives is great; it’s showing that becoming a parent doesn’t absolve you of all other flaws. It’s new and interesting, and I hope they build on it.

As for the new additions, Dr. Park (Charlyne Yi) and Dr. Adams (Oddette Anable) have yet to interest me. Park’s anger issues and odd persona are intriguing, but they’re also annoying. I can’t understand her motives and she just seems generally annoying. As for Dr. Adams, I’m not intrigued at all. She had some potential while she was the jailhouse doctor, but after she joined PPTH, she turned into a rehash of the previous female leads. On a closer look, she’s really just a mix of Thirteen and Cameron. She doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and she’s just there to fill the hot female doctor role.

As far as the rest of the cast, it’s almost heartbreaking to see that Chase (Jesse Spencer), is doing almost nothing this season. True, he really hadn’t developed much over the last season either, but Chase is literally doing nothing this season. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) also falls into that category. This is surprising because Wilson is usually quite entertainingt. His reaction to House’s return was alright, but he’s done nothing outstanding since.

Overall, the season is not exactly off to a great start, but it wasn’t anywhere near as disappointing as expected.One thing that could be handled better is someone -anyone- bringing up the Cuddy situation. House drove into her house! She was friends with almost all the other cast members. It’s maddening that her departure is almost completely ignored. Hopefully, as the season progresses, these underdeveloped characters and plotlines are addressed.

My Rating so far: 7/10

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