“Revenge” Episode 15 Review: Chaos

Written by Regina Berengolts February 19, 2012

In “Chaos” we finally catch up to the beach shooting that we were teased with during the very first episode. Considering that the previous 14 episodes were setting us up for this event, I was expecting this episode to blow my mind with some excellently plotted and unforeseen reveals. Yet…I felt that there was something off with it. I loved last week’s episode and it made me supremely excited for the next one so I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

The Not-So Good

  • This is one of the few times I hate being right. Much like I called last week, Tyler is back and wearing a stupid baseball cap, as if that’ll hide his identity from anyone who knows what he looks like. He kidnaps Amanda, tells her about how Emily has been using her, and extorts Emily for money before trying to ruin her engagement party with death and mayhem. I hate him and his obnoxious phrasing.
  • Overall, and this is probably my biggest issue, but the pacing felt off. There were some scenes that I felt didn’t flow very well within the episode. Almost as if the writers realized that to make this episode work like they promised in the beginning, they needed to shoot a few extra scenes they weren’t originally planning. Or, they changed their minds about who the shooter/shootee would be a few too many times after that first episode and had to rush to film their final decision. Either way, it was a bit disconcerting.

The Good

  • Tyler dies and is off my screen for good. (I apologize to anyone who reads this if any of you have a particular fondness for the character.)
  • Even though Tyler manages to sow seeds of doubt in Amanda’s mind about Emily, she still comes through to try to save her. I really warmed up to Amanda in this episode. You could really believe both her emotional conflict and inevitable love and loyalty to Emily winning out in the end.

The Great and I Can’t Wait to See What’s Next!

  • Declan was truly awesome in this episode. He was a great boyfriend to Charlotte and the only one proactive enough to try to get her some help after the events of last episode.
  • Takedo (Emily’s revenge-sensei) is back and is not taking Emily’s calls or answering any of her questions. Instead, he appears to be in cahoots with the always awesome Nolan. I have no idea what their plan is or how they managed to do it without Emily’s knowledge but I was immediately intrigued the moment they mysteriously nodded to each other over Emily’s head.
  • The entirety of the last 5 minutes. Tyler and Daniel have a confrontation at the beach which leads Tyler to reveal that Emily isn’t who she claims to be. Off-screen, Daniel is shot once and Tyler is shot twice. What we do see is Jack finding Amanda kneeling over Tyler’s body and tells her to run (which she does…straight into Takedo’s conveniently-timed car) so he can take the fall. Jack tries to move the body but is partially spotted by a semi-naked Declan (nice abs, Declan!) and Charlotte so he runs away. They see the body and Charlotte’s screaming causes everyone to run to the beach. Victoria is beside herself with worry and fear for her son. Aw, she truly loves her children. At the end, she tells a still-alive Daniel not to say a thing, implying that Daniel will probably the lead suspect in Tyler’s death in future episodes. Crazy!

Overall, I thought this episode did a great job in tidying up some loose threads, but still wasn’t an emotionally satisfying episode (here’s hoping to the next few to deliver on that account). There were many inconsistencies in people’s actions and unclear motivations (I’m looking at you, Nolan and Takedo. Just because I think you’re both awesome and the best part of the episode, doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed by this sudden and inexplicable partnership that had no prior build-up or foreshadowing). A lot of people also seemed to have been bitten by the stupid bug. For instance, Emily leaving her gun in the back of Tyler’s trunk. But what’s even worse is Daniel’s ridiculous behaviour. Just because your new young fiancée doesn’t want to run away from her life and friends to live in Paris with you (and essentially support you financially) doesn’t make her a gold digger. Daniel knows that Emily is independently wealthy! Hopefully, the next episode will clear some of those issues up and I’ll be able to happily eat my words.

As a parting thought, I leave you with this: Emily Van Camp has amazing legs.

My Rating: 7.8

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