“Revenge” Episode 16 Review – Scandal

Written by Regina Berengolts March 05, 2012

Right away, “Scandal”, starts off perfectly for me. Although not a particularly humourous episode, I couldn’t help but chuckle within the first 5 minutes. The episode starts off with a beautiful shot of the full moon and the beginning of the usual voice-over from Emily discussing the theme of the week. She ponders, ”in a crisis, you quickly find out who your real friends are. Tragedy and scandal have a way of clarifying people’s priorities.” As she’s talking, the camera is panning over towards the beach where the climax of the last episode occurred, finally resting on Tyler’s dead body. What I find particularly pleasing about this scene, is that we are shown Tyler’s body, completely alone, without anyone mourning over him or trying to reach him. It looks like the show agrees with me in my sentiment that no one cares about Tyler and that he’d be the last priority on anyone’s list. That shot is quickly followed by a series of scenes showing Daniel’s friends and family badmouthing Tyler’s character and defending Daniel’s. Oh Tyler, even the director of the episode can’t help but emphasize how pathetic you are.

Besides that opening scene, there’s a lot to love about this episode and only a few things to pick on.

A Lot to Love

I watch a lot of television and there are way too many shows that love to drag plot-lines on and on until the viewers just can’t take it anymore (I’m looking at you, How I Met Your Mother). But what’s absolutely fantastic about Revenge, and this episode in particular, is that exactly one episode after a murder, we find out exactly who did it and who knows what about it.

What we find out is this:

Daniel managed to get the gun away from Tyler and shot him in the chest in self-defence. Emily’s revenge sensei, Takeda, was watching the entire thing and knocked Daniel out with a rock to the back of the head. Tyler pleads for help and gets some in the form of two more bullets lodged in his back. Takeda then whisks Amanda away and goes to Emily’s house to drop off a replacement box for her floorboards, knowing that Daniel was given clues about her hiding spot. Emily, enraged by his interference in her plans, tries to fight him but in the end he pins her to the wall and tells her she can only save one of her beloved boys, Daniel who she’s become unexpectedly fond of or the soon-to-be framed Jack who represents everything that was good and innocent in her life before everything went wrong.

(Personally, I’d go for Daniel, but only because Jack was an absolute blockhead this episode, as we’ll see.) Very exciting stuff and I’m just dying to know who Takeda is and why he’s so invested in this revenge plot to the point of punishing Emily in this way.


Not So Much to Hate

If there’s one thing I hate in TV shows, it’s when characters act stupidly for the purpose of the plot. It takes me out of the moment and loses me for the rest of the episode. This episode’s example comes in the form of Jack. He has blood on his sweater, he has fingerprints all over Tyler’s body, he has a weak fake alibi, and he has Amanda’s wire-transfer for $5million which he refuses to rip up and throw away. He is pretty much a sitting target; just waiting for the Graysons to pin the crime on him to exonerate their son and he’s not doing a thing about it.

Even More to Look Forward To

Besides the conclusion to the trial and Takeda revelations, I’m excited to see Daniel’s character development. He’s already been given clues as to who Emily really is and is facing serious consequences for other people’s actions. He’s sure to develop some backbone and opinions on his own from now on.

Something else I’m especially looking forward to seeing is more interaction between Emily and Charlotte. Charlotte seems to be one of the few people that can warm Emily’s cold, stone heart. Emily’s face when trying to act like a sister is absolutely priceless and one we need to see much more of. Who knows, maybe Charlotte will be the key to Emily giving up her revengenda. Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until the show starts up again in April!

My Rating: 8.5

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