Revenge Episode 17 Review – “Doubt” – I Doubt I Could Have Survived a Longer Hiatus…

Written by Regina Berengolts April 25, 2012

Daniel Behind Bars

After a painfully long hiatus, Revenge is finally back! Emily is at her best, scheming and literally kicking ass while Nolan continuing his love affair with colourful layers of clothes. Unfortunately, the one hiccup in this episode is Victoria Grayson’s literal love affair with a washed up artist, an old flame she met before Conrad or David Clarke. You know, for a woman who claims that she is unable to love, she’s got quite a few epic romances in her past.

We come back from the hiatus to see Victoria, following old habits, trying to free her son by trying to pin the blame on a Clarke, namely Amanda. However, Amanda is nowhere to be found, leading Victoria to try to pin the blame on Jack. Realizing the danger Jack may soon find himself in, Emily suggests that regardless of who the hooded figure was, the Grayson’s need positive PR. She sneakily suggests that they recruit Mason Treadwell, last remembered as the famous author who profited greatly off of the story he told about David Clarke, even knowing he was innocent. Honestly, it’s for that exact reason that I became irrationally angry at the character’s inclusion in this episode. This man is a weak and spineless profiteer. It’s a great testament to this episode, that by the end of it, I was rooting for his redemption. Emily knows his hatred of Amanda Clarke, who he believes burnt down his house and possessions, so she’s hoping that he’ll be more likely to find a way to blame Amanda and ignore Jack.

Mason doesn’t fail her. He almost immediately drops the idea that Jack could have been on the beach after Declan claims that Charlotte was hallucinating the hooded man due to her consumption of drugs and alcohol the night of the party. He effectively protects his brother and loses his girlfriend in one fell swoop. He may have failed his prep school entrance exams, but he is one efficient man. Mason publishes that information on a real live blog ( and effectively destroys the defense case for Daniel.

In the meantime, Victoria, the loving and nurturing mother that she is contacts the guy who originally beat Jack up that one time, to get some prison inmates to brutally beat up her son so that he can be placed under house arrest on medical leave.Thanks, Mom!

Victoria Grayson and Dominick Wright

As Victoria goes to pay the man for a job well done, she runs into the first(?) love of her life, Dominick Wright, played by the always handsome James Purefoy. I’ve always been a fan of his since his turn in Rome but this C-plot ruins the pace and tension beautifully built up throughout the episode. Wright turns out to be a failed painter. In TVland, that means he’s sensitive, sexy, and owns a huge loft full of paintings of the only woman he’s ever loved (in this case, Victoria) despite the fact that as a failed artist, he should be poor. These characteristics are more than enough to turn any woman on and make her forget about her broken and bleeding son in prison, so they have sex. Completely boring sex full of whispered sweet nothings that serve to do nothing more than confuse me as to why this is included. It’s completely out of character for Victoria who was on a one-woman mission to free her son and pin the blame on anyone who could be proven to have some sort of indirect association with the night of the murder. When does she have the time? Or even the desire? I guess she just can’t resist his patented neck grabbing seduction techniques. Regardless, we find out that Victoria spurned this guy to run off with Conrad back in the day. Knowing her M.O., I’m willing to bet $5 that Daniel is actually Wright’s son and she yet again passed her baby off as Conrad’s. I would have bet $10 but the actors for Daniel and Conrad look alike enough that I have some doubt (see what I did there?).

Emily is having her own romantic evening out, but thankfully, she’s being productive. She puts on a wig and starts hitting on Victoria’s henchman to encourage him to spill Grayson secrets. After getting the relevant information, she takes him behind the bar and proceeds to beat the crap out of him for his role in hurting both Jack and Daniel. Excellent scene. It was clearly very cathartic for Emily and for the viewer as well. I almost clapped.

You know what else is cathartic? Seeing Mason stand up to Victoria for once!

What are you going to do? Not invite me to the parties you don't have anymore?


I’m so glad this show is finally back! I can’t wait to see more clever scheming and ass-kicking! Hopefully Nolan has something more substantial to do next week since he was woefully underused this time around.

My Rating: 8/10


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