“Revenge” is a Dish Best Served…Every Day of the Week.

Written by Regina Berengolts January 25, 2012

The suspense is almost TOO much to handle!



Luckily for the viewers out there that haven’t started watching “Revenge” yet, you have about 13 episodes you can watch in a row before having to succumb to the pain of waiting 7 days for your next hit. For those of us that are living in a type of limbo associated with winter hiatuses and week-long breaks, a new episode of “Revenge” is playing tonight! Before I write my first Revenge episode review for this week’s showing however, allow me to provide a quick recap of the story so far.

The Background

The show revolves around mysterious protagonist Amanda Clarke (played by Ontario-born actress Emily VanCamp) who moves back into her childhood home in the Hamptons in order to take revenge on the people involved with the framing of her innocent father, David Clarke. David worked for the Graysons while also having an affair with the married Victoria Grayson. Victoria eventually betrayed him and was part of a complicated plot that ensured that David would be found guilty of carrying out a terrorist act that she and her husband were ultimately responsible for.

David was sent to jail and Amanda was put into the system, ending up in juvie, and believed her innocent (and by all accounts, amazing) father to be a monster. David died in prison, but he left Amanda a box of evidence proving his innocence along with a journal condemning the people who framed him.


Hardened from her time in juvie, Amanda isn’t content with just knowing of her father’s innocence and begins using the evidence, not to try to clear his name, but to hit his conspirators where it hurts, be it their pride, career, money, or family. How? Lucky for Amanda, she has inherited her father’s wealth and switched identities with her juvie cellmate, Emily Thorne, to mask her intentions and connection to David Clarke. Not only is Amanda rich and undercover, but she actually has an accomplice in the form of brilliant software inventor and subsequent millionaire, Nolan Ross. Nolan was a close friend of her father who believes his innocence and knows (almost) everything about Amanda’s plan.

That is pretty much the general context of the show. Let’s just take a quick look at some major plot points so far this season. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Can’t Miss Plot Points

The Hamptons, Revenge Cast

  • Amanda starts dating Daniel Grayson, son of Victoria Grayson. This is probably her longest con to date. This story-line has the potential to be the most emotionally satisfying, or the most disappointing if she actually falls in love with him and can’t continue on her mission.
  • Amanda reconnects with her childhood friend, Jack. He doesn’t suspect her true identity, yet still feels a strong connection to her. Jack is the owner of a bar called the Stowaway. He also has a younger brother named Declan who shortly begins dating Victoria’s daughter, Charlotte. While this pisses off Victoria’s delicate elitist sensibilities, this plot development had nothing to do with Amanda.
  • Amanda systematically takes down a wealthy Wall Street hedge fund manager who testified against her father, a senator who didn’t accept an appeal for her father’s trial, a psychiatrist who was responsible for institutionalizing her when her father was sent away, and a hack writer who knew the truth but was paid by the Grayson’s to write a false account of the crime.
Alternatively...Amanda Clarke and Nolan Ross
  • Daniel’s friend, Tyler, finds out the truth about the Graysons and David Clarke, and he attempts to blackmail them for money. He is literally crazy and overstays his welcome. Now that he’s gone, hopefully we won’t need see his ridiculous scheming again. Leave it to the professionals, you hack!
  • The real Emily Thorne comes to town and is also of the crazy persuasion. She uses her new name, Amanda Clarke, to start dating Jack who should really learn to let childhood crushes go. Her crazy, and the liability she brings as Amanda Clarke, is too much for the real Amanda, so she finds a way to get rid of her. Unfortunately, this involves Jack getting the living daylights beat out of him.
  • After Jack gets beat up, Amanda actually feels (for once) that she might be taking it too far as innocent people are getting hurt. That feeling doesn’t last long once it’s discovered that Charlotte is actually Victoria’s and David Clarke’s lovechild. Unfortunately, Victoria allows Daniel to think that she was raped, intensifying Amanda’s justified fury.
Emily Thorne with Daniel Grayson

There is so much going on in this show that I’ve barely been able to skim the surface. Most characters are incredibly layered and incredibly attractive. Even Victoria, who is part of the older generation, looks radiant in all the episodes. I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone who enjoys a good mystery, attractive people, and watching people get their deserved comeuppance. Take it from me, it’s remarkably satisfying.

Starring Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe

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