“Revenge” Episode 14 Review: Perception is Reality

Written by Regina Berengolts February 11, 2012


The show is finally back! I know it’s only been on a two week hiatus but that is still far too long for my liking. Fortunately, this was one amazingly intense and wonderful episode so I’m more than appeased. This week’s episode, “Perception”, proves that perception can easily be shattered. By episode’s end, Jack and Fake Amanda are heartbroken and alone, Daniel’s perception of his mother is destroyed as he discovers the truth behind her lies, Charlotte is completely devastated about her biological father, and Conrad may be on his way out as CEO of Grayson Global as he begins to tarnish the Grayson name with what looks like an extremely dirty and public divorce battle. My personal perception of Emily as a soulless automaton of destruction is now weakened as we see her actually stop one of her plans in an act of compassion for an innocent. Moreover, she almost breaks down when being on the receiving end of compassion from Jack. It’s clear throughout the episode that no one had ever taken the time to care about young Amanda when her father was taken away. Growing up taking care of yourself and not being able to trust anyone can really change a person – a theme also attributed to Victoria Grayson of all people.

Main Plot Lines for the Evening

  • Emily burns a copy of her father’s claim to Charlotte genes onto a CD in the hopes of showing it to Charlotte. However, after seeing a truly beautiful reconciliation between Charlotte and her father, Emily couldn’t bring herself to go through with the plan. Turns out, Emily has a heart when it comes to anyone in her family.
  • Jack finds one of Mason Treadwell’s tapes that contains an interview of young Amanda. Against Emily’s orders, Nolan shows Jack the tape. The interview shows Amanda claiming that her father and Victoria were in love and she’s seen the lip-locking to prove it. Furious over Victoria’s part in the scandal and her lack of compassion for the little girl, Jack barges in on the family’s engagement dinner and threatens to expose Victoria unless she starts telling the truth about Amanda. This entire scene leads to a dramatic reveal about Charlotte’s true parentage in front of the entire family (including Conrad’s visiting father).  This was one of the few events that wasn’t perfectly planned and executed by Emily who looked as just stressed as I felt. Lucky for her, she barely had to get her hands dirty and had the added bonus of Daniel finding out that his mother was not actually raped by David Clarke.
  • The last scene is one for the record books. Emily walks in through her front door berating Nolan for allowing Jack to see the interview as he is now in Victoria’s crosshairs, and sees that her secret hiding place in the floor has been broken into. All of her father’s journals is gone, but in their place is an RSVP to her engagement party with the name Emily Thorne written on it. Super creepy. Regardless, this scene was amazing and a truly psychological cliffhanger. The final shot of Emily standing barefoot in her house, looking utterly scared and even violated, is unforgettable and haunting in its vulnerability.


This episode had some extremely interesting parallels being drawn between Emily and a few of the other characters, namely Victoria and surprisingly enough, Charlotte. Emily and Victoria have similar scheming natures. However, this episode went even farther than that. It was revealed that much like Amanda, Victoria grew up without a father and was forced to learn how to take care of herself and plot her way into a position of power. Moreover, they both tend to drag other people into their schemes, whether it’s a roommate from juvie or a husband’s father. What’s even more hilarious was that even Conrad’s father, who’s been there for less than an episode, actually verbalized their similarity.

A shocking scene of parallelism came in the form of Charlotte. At the end of the episode, devastated by the news about her parentage, she exclaims to Declan: “You’re either with me, or against me.” Sounds eerily similar to Emily’s statement to Nolan way back when they were first began their partnership. Sisters indeed. Truthfully, I’m not sure what this all means yet. Perhaps we can expect Emily to pair up with one of the Grayson ladies in order to take some more revenge on a deserving party, or perhaps it’s only signifying that Emily now has two, instead of one, worthy adversaries. Either way, I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Overall, this was a great episode. The acting was superb with special mentions going to Charlotte for handling her scenes admirably and believably and to Nolan’s phone voice at the end of the episode for making me panic while being in the safety of my apartment. One minor blip in this episode came from of Jack who randomly sprouted an unidentified accent while yelling at Amanda. Nevertheless, I can forgive him since he really went through a rough time this week. He’d better be grateful that he has Nolan there to buy him a ridiculously large flatscreen TV to make him feel better whenever he gets dumped. I know I would.

My rating: 9.5/10

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