Review: 2 Broke Girls, The Perfect Comedy?

Written by Hana Elniwairi January 15, 2012

Just coming out of the People’s Choice Awards, 2 Broke Girls appears to be doing well, having just landed the Favourite New TV Comedy award. Although there are certain things that need work, overall, the show is a good place to go for a good laugh or two. It features the story of two girls from completely different backgrounds who find themselves thrown together, united only by the fact that they’re both pretty much pennyless.

The success of the show owes quite a lot to the amazing talents that are Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. Dennings’ portrayal of main character Max Black is witty, engaging, and touches a special place in every soulless pessimist’s heart. Her view on life is dark, and hopeless, but in a way, it’s comforting and easy to relate to. I also really enjoy her interactions with the other characters, and the various relationships she has with them, from Behr’s character, to Johnny the bartender. Personally, what I love most about Max is that she doesn’t completely transform upon meeting Caroline. It takes time, and she doesn’t shed her old personality. One of my biggest pet peeves is the sudden radical change in character personas, and this show manages to avoid that.

However, a show about nothing but how terrible life is could get boring quickly, and Behr’s Caroline Channing brings the perfect balance to Max. Here we have your typical Upper East Side socialite, who seems like she was taken right out of the set of Gossip Girl. But Caroline isn’t just a brainless, rich blonde; her intelligence and endless attempts to get back on her feet after falling so low add that little extra something that the ‘rich girl’ character seems to lack. I also appreciate the way the character’s development is being handled. The rich girl doesn’t turninto a street smart survivor, but we gradually get to watch as she tries to come to grips with her current situation and where she’ll be going from here. She’s also an opportunist, who sees something and goes for it; I love how she’s always trying to prove to Max that her ambition is not just a result of her daddy always buying her whatever she wants. Plus, I just really love that she sorted the whole mess about her father in ‘a little box in her head called “do not open until you’re a lot stronger”’.

Now, while the show is filled with awesome main characters, and interesting subplots. It has recieved some criticism regarding its portrayal of ethnic characters. The questions of racist and sexist humour are valid, but at the same time, I feel like it’s being taken too far. Yes, the show is racist at times, but I am rarely offended upon hearing the jokes. I do think that there are too many of them, and thar they take away from the quality of the show itself, but it’s not necessarily unrealistic either. This is a show about making it in a tough American neighbourhood; I’m pretty sure there are plenty of sexist and racist jokes going around.. The laugh tracks, however, need to go, or maybe be reduced. On the latest episode, there were so many of them, it almost rendered the actually humorous scenes pointless.

Overall, 2 Broke Girls is a pretty cool show. If you want a new TV sitcom, I would definitely recommend it.

My Rating: 7.5/10


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