Sex, Crime and Sarcasm: “The Good Wife” Embodies the Perfect Mix

Written by Sarah Prince November 30, 2011

The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Will Gardner, Alicia Florrick, Peter Florrick

Crime doesn’t take a break for festive Thanksgiving celebrations, but unfortunately CBS’ The Good Wife did. The gap before the next episode on December 4 presents a convenient opportunity to catch up on missed episodes.

The Good Wife has it all: an attractive cast, witty dialogue and intriguing dramatic plotlines. The only thing missing is the alpha male atmosphere present at other law firms – both fictional and real – where there are no women to intimidate their colleagues because the only visible women in the office are secretaries.

Week after week, The Good Wife delivers juicy legal dramas and shows women in positions of power. The Good Wife, which airs Sundays at 9, focuses on the personal and professional life of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), an associate at Lockhart Gardner who abandoned her housewife routine once her husband Peter (Chris Noth) was sent to prison for a sex and corruption scandal. Lockhart-Gardner employees juggle not only cases ranging from religious complications to military incidents overseas, but also plenty of workplace drama unbeknownst to clients.

Alicia and Kalinda

Alicia Florrick and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi)

It’s been two years since Peter Florrick’s scandal went public, yet Alicia is still his wife and their separation process has been dreadfully long. Sure, there have been occasional meetings between Alicia and her lawyer, such as when she realized he may seek spousal support from her, which of course is a rare dynamic, but they are still technically married.

Instead of an epic dramatic wedding episode that one might expect from another show, can there please be a celebratory divorce soiree? It’s long overdue. Such an episode would definitely warrant live viewership, especially if it means more camera time for recurring star and heartthrob Chris Noth, who you may know better as Mr. Big on Sex and the City.

Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner

At least former college sweethearts Alicia and Will (Josh Charles) are finally dating, as opposed to suppressing their affection into awkward sexual tension in the office. Dianne subjected Lockhart Gardner to a boring sexual harassment seminar in 3.07, which was intended for Alicia and Will, but the secret lovebirds whispered to each other for its entirety anyway, like the head cheerleader and quarterback during a high school assembly.

Will offered to meet Alicia’s teenagers formally, outside of his awkward first meeting with her son Zach, but Alicia hasn’t united them all for a ‘hey kids, meet-the-man-I’m-sleeping-with’ dinner yet. In fact, this may never occur once she learns about the bribery accusations against Will. Until then, Zach can enjoy the new car she spontaneously bought him to spite her former mother-in-law, which marked an amusing moment in the last episode, when she sprung the news on Zach.

Now audiences are left to speculate about Will’s impending response to the state’s investigation of him and Dianne’s plea for him to stop sleeping with the state attorney’s wife at the same time.

Even if crime isn’t your thing, it’s worth tuning in to watch good looking people debate about cheese in court. Yes, cheese. The topic is bound to resurface again soon as Lockhart Gardner continues defending the American dairy council. If only Eli Gold would respond to the suggestion that pizza should be considered a vegetable – that would make for some funny TV!

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