Shows To Avoid In The New Year

Written by Spencer Sterritt January 04, 2012

2012 is upon us, finally arriving after a month of end-of-the-year best-of lists, signifying what you should have watched, and what you’re glad you didn’t watch. There were also many lists of what to watch in the new year, but no lists on what to avoid in the new year, so here is your guide to the heinousness of the mid-season schedule, ranked from least worst to worst worst.

The Somewhat Less Than Decent

First up we have House of Lies, the new Don Cheadle show debuting January 8th on Showtime. It follows a group of management consultants (Cheadle, Kirsten Bell, and Ben Schwartz), as they act far too smug, and do all sorts of dirty things to get their job done. I’ve heard Cheadle has some good comedic timing, and I’m sure the production values will ┬ábe pretty good (with a lot of wow and splash), but at the same time, House of Lies seems glazed with self-satisfaction and undeserved wit.

*Once House of Lies premieres I will have a review.

Following this is Mobbed, the new reality show on Fox (shocker!) with Howie Mandel about flash-mobs. Seriously, flash-mobs? It is going to be another worthless, indulgent reality show with no purpose, inoffensive and unimportant, that might as well just be avoided.

The Bad Ideas

Now we’re into the bad stuff, the shows that will have next to no redeeming factors.

The first bad idea is Rob, the new Rob Schneider sitcom premiering January 12th on Fox. It follows Rob, who marries into a close-knit Mexican family. Since Rob Schneider is the paragon of complexity and subtly, I expect that it will demonstrate real cultural issues, such as the American abuse of the poor Mexican economy, and not focus on silly language jokes and feature the inherent sexism and racism of modern sitcoms.

*It seems promo photos for Rob don’t exist. This indicates a quiet release and quieter cancellation. Excellent!

Following this is the new reality show on MTV focusing exclusively on Snookie, JWoww, and Pauly D. No release date has been set yet, but filming is set to begin in January. And since this is MTV, there is no way this show won’t hit the air. It’s just one more sign that MTV is stumbling, unable to even create an original trashy show. Jersey Shore seems to be close to dying out, and if this show fails, it can finally mean the end of the god-awful Seaside Heights gang, or sluts, or Guido’s, or whatever they call themselves.

Our hopes for MTV's demise rest on these tanned shoulders

The Big Bad of the Year

No new show has gotten as much critical hate as Work It, which premiered on ABC yesterday. It has received no love, almost uniform F ratings across the board. I myself watched everything before the credit sequence, and that’s all I could manage (and I watched Allen Gregory. I can take a beating). From the word go, this show is misogynist to a fault. It’s Busom Buddies for the new year, but the concept has been stretched even further, with even less tact.

Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco star as two out of work buddies who make the completely illogical decision to dress like women to get jobs, since apparently there’s a “mancession” occuring, as Brian, the typical, overweight, and sexist supporting character details. So these two pose as women and presto, they get jobs. Because it’s just that easy.

There are enough flaws in Work It to warrant a full review, but I think I’ll pass. That would require me watching a full episode without screaming or throwing my remote through my TV, which is actually my room mate’s TV, and would cause all sorts of problems. So I’m just going to avoid the living hell out of Working It, and I suggest you do too!


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