“Survivor: One World” – Why This Season is One to Watch

Written by Mitchell B March 05, 2012

For many people, watching “Survivor” is a thing of the past. For me and many others, however, it is a guilty pleasure and something to look forward to twice a year. The latest edition, “Survivor: One World”, looks to capitalize on the twist that both tribes will live together on the same island. The following are just a few reasons why this season of “Survivor” is worth checking out.

The last two seasons of “Survivor” have featured Redemption Island, an island where contestants go once they have been voted out by their tribe-mates. The contestants sent to Redemption Island competed in duals; the winner stays on Redemption Island with a chance to get back in the game, the loser goes home for good. Initially this seemed like an interesting idea, but eventually it became tiresome because it removed the reward challenges and gave extra camera time to the players on Redemption Island. This left the majority of the castaways with minimal screen time, which took away from the audience’s ability to connect with them. “Survivor: One World” has done away with Redemption Island and brought back the reward challenges.

Another aspect of the previous two seasons of “Survivor” has been returning castaways. Each season they brought back two former players to compete with each other on opposing tribes and give them another chance to win the game. I certainly enjoyed the “All Stars” seasons of “Survivor”, but with only two returning players CBS feels as if the season revolves around them, and therefore they give these two players much more time on camera than the rest of the castaways. As a result, you are constantly seeing Boston Rob and Ozzy, but you know nothing about some of the other players. It also takes away from the normal tribe dynamics because the new players idolize the former players and almost refuse to vote them out. This resulted in Boston Rob winning the easiest (and most boring) season in “Survivor” history. One World has gotten rid of this aspect as well, which will be more interesting for the audience and will perhaps produce another Boston Rob or Ozzy.

As mentioned above, this season of “Survivor” has both tribes living on the same beach. This creates a new dynamic as well, allowing players to strategize and create inter-tribe alliances, which changes the game completely. No longer will the merge consist of one tribe with two small tribes within it. This will also change because this season has the men and women competing on separate tribes, but will likely have a tribal swap before the merge. Allowing the tribes to live together and then swapping them early will put alliances to the test and shift the balance of power in the tribes. Essentially, it shakes things up and removes the predictability of the last two seasons.

The third episode of “One World” airs this week, and thus far the season has been thoroughly enjoyable. The premiere was certainly unpredictable, and the second episode featured one of the most hilarious challenges in the history of “Survivor”. I don’t want to spoil anything because it’s not too late for new viewers to catch up, but this season of “Survivor” is shaping up to be one of the more enjoyable and interesting in years. The new tribal arrangements combined with bringing back some classic elements should be a perfect formula for a great season of “Survivor”.

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