The Walking Dead – Season 2 Episode 6 “Secrets”

Written by Chris Beaulieu November 23, 2011

“Secrets” starts out creepily enough with one of the women at the farm breaking the legs of live chickens so she can feed them to the walkers in the farm. The whole opening sequence was reminiscent of one of those horror films where the psychopath keeps his victims in the basement, throwing down scraps of food for their daily feeding. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of lighthearted humor after the opening credit sequence as Shane, T-Dog, and Rick give shooting lessons.

Glenn, who is increasingly getting more attention, becomes the burden of secrets in this episode, and confides in Dale under the pressure. Dale, who finally gets more screen time, acts as an investigator for the group, pretending that he’s finding out these secrets Glenn told him on his own. Although the excuses Dale gave were pretty flimsy, and in the end everyone knew that Glenn told him, Dale shows that he cares enough not to sell him out. Dale gets into a few confrontations in this episode, namely with Hershel about the barn, Lori about her baby, and Shane, whom he suggests leave the group. Dale goes so far as to question Shane about what happened with him and Otis, to which Shane gives yet another vague answer. There seems to be certain element clairvoyance with Dale, as he has always been the observer to the group’s actions, and is now revealing all that he knows. It’s a fitting way to bring a passive character into the main action.

The speech that Hershel makes about the walkers as merely people who have become sick brings up the value of life motif that is also apparent in Lori’s pregnancy. Lori, in a similar fashion to the debate of whether or not Carl should live or die, is deciding whether or not to continue her pregnancy. Lori once again brings up her anxiety that there is no possible chance of happiness in the future. Everyone that spoke to Lori about it seemed to emphasize the words life and choice, bringing up a certain controversial debate. Actually, conservatives might just love this particular episode with its pro-life undertones of Lori’s pregnancy, and arguments for second amendment rights that came with Rick wanting Carl to carry a gun (unlikely though, as The Walking Dead does not appear on FOX).

This episode is the first time that Rick gets really angry. I can’t recall a time in the series when Rick has ever displayed such emotion in his speech; it was almost unsettling to see. Rick is usually so reserved—making arrangements and orders—and to see him in an outburst like this is a welcome change. Lori admits that she and Shane had an affair, but Rick, despite all of his anger, shows reason when he says that he understood her behavior.

Shane will be the character to look out for in the coming episodes. His confrontation with Dale suggests that he is going to do something drastic if anyone pushes him too far, or brings up sour subjects. It will be interesting to see is Shane and Andrea will leave the group and form their own alliance, which was hinted at in the first episode of the season. As an ending, the conversation between Rick and Lori is a good one, which allows the audience to exhale; a much better alternative than the hook endings that I criticized last week. The next episode may focus on buying more time at the Greene farm in the short term, but its likely that Shane is setting up the action for the long term episodes to come.

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