TV Review: “Adventure Time” Season 5- Full of Variety

Written by Emily Stewart March 03, 2013

Adventure Time 1

Although it’s only been around since 2010, five seasons of the popular cartoon “Adventure Time” were produced. Don’t let the amount of episodes scare you; it’s easy to understand even if you  just watch the fifth season like I have. With its witty and wacky script and simple but fun visuals, it’s clear why “Adventure Time” has gone on for as long as it has. Unlike most cartoons about fantasy and adventure, however, there isn’t a serial quest in “Adventure Time”. Rather, the show mainly focuses on the entertainment factor.

Finn and Jake: On The Quest For….?

“Adventure Time” follows Finn the human (Jeremy Shada) and Jake the dog (John DiMaggio) as they do pretty much everything, for 10-20 minutes depending on the episode. One episode involves Finn’s hat coming to life, followed by one where he disguises himself as a regular man named Davey to escape his fame as a hero. There’s no overarching structure here, just random awesome adventures, which sometimes have nothing to do with Finn and Jake. In particular, “Bad Little Boy” featured villain Ice King (Tom Kenny) and vampire queen Marcelene (Olivia Olson), the kidnapped princess from various kingdoms in Ooo, and all the characters in the gender reversed “Fiona and Cake” version, but neither Finn nor Jake themselves.


The Ice King is really the only main villain, and he’s not all that malicious. In fact, the worst possible thing the Ice King has done so far this season is gather a group of other characters to make his “Fiona and Cake” fan fiction come to life and ultimately fail. It provides a nice break from more typical “good v. bad” shows out there.  The humour is punchy and at times completely out of place, but not so much that it decreases the amount of wit in “Adventure Time”.

Cartoon Heroes

Although the script in “Adventure Time” is random, the animation itself is really simple. The facial features, especially the eyes and the mouths, of Finn, Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch), Marcelene, Flame Princess (Jessica Di Coco), and other characters are pretty much the same. Simple doesn’t mean unimaginative though. Since “Adventure Time” takes place in a really really weird world, the animators can go nuts when making sure that every character makes an impression. The simple design works for the plot of “Adventure Time” because it doesn’t overwhelm the show.


The only thing that is holding back “Adventure Time” is it’s short structure. Most of the episodes are about 11 minutes or slightly more. The season five premiere about Finn and Jake learning the consequences of wishing to solve problems was 21 minutes, and it was the strongest episode so far. While it is a very fun cartoon, it would strengthen if it had one full length episode instead of two short ones in its structure. Regardless, “Adventure Time” is a brilliant animation that is easy to follow no matter which episode you begin with, though it would be better to watch it from the beginning of the series to get to know the characters and the land of Ooo better.

My Rating: 8/10

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