TV Review: “Agents of SHIELD” Episode 10 – “The Bridge”

Written by Alex Bowman December 12, 2013

Well, here we are, the mid-season finale; ten episodes have come and gone which has left us with a memorable journey filled with laughs, tears and, sometimes, confusion. Regardless of some hiccups here and there this show has left, in my opinion, quite an impact on the world of televised broadcasting. I firmly believe that “Agents of SHIELD” is one of those shows with the ability to compete with the schlock that is mass produced for television nowadays and is able to rise above and beyond all of our expectations. Does this episode deliver the goods and leave us wanting more for the second half?

The plot deals with the team deciding to take the fight to CENTIPEDE after they bust out one of their own from a penitentiary with their super-CENTIPEDE soldiers. The team decides they need an expert on the matter and bring back Mike Peterson, the super-strong guy from episode one. He is now on the team and is requested to help bring down CENTIPEDE for good, but Raina (the girl in the flower dress) attempts to tip the scales by bringing the fight to the Agents.

We need you to suit up

I am not going to give away what happens at the end of this episode because it actually has a really good twist that definitely sets up a lot of anticipation for the next half of the season. I will do my best to weigh in on the good and bad elements of this episode equally because it is by no means perfect, but it still feels comfortable enough for us to enjoy.

I’ll start off by saying I was not convinced that bringing back certain characters from previous episodes would be a good thing but I was wrong. Mike’s character was written very well in this episode. You legitimately feel that his character is just trying to do the right thing despite his past mistakes. He knows he has done wrong and he has to not only earn the trust of the people who saved his life but also deal with what his son thinks of him. His character provides an equal amount of touching heart-felt moments and some really great action scenes where he gets to show off his powers. His introduction scene in the episode is also pretty hilarious.

Coulson is, of course, a powerhouse in this episode. I really appreciate that the creators are allowing us to learn more about him, but what really makes this work is that we don’t know all the details. Coulson talks about how he used to be in love but we don’t get any details about it which is a GOOD thing. Most people would call this lazy writing but it’s actually clever writing because he is, after all, a secret agent. He’s been trained to keep certain details out for the sake of privacy. This could be a sign that he has been trained so well that he’s able to tell a story without having to go into much detail. This may sound like I am reading way too much into it, but it’s very apparent in most episodes and I feel it’s a strong characteristic for Coulson as a whole.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

There were some obvious scratches in this coat of paint and it becomes even more noticeable because it’s a problem mostly with the writing. The few things I can disregard, like Skye’s quest to find the truth being quickly dropped after being hurriedly discussed because this is not her episode, or the ending involving Mike’s character. The one thing that really bothered me was how the writers decided to treat May. We were starting to see glimpses from the previous episode where May starts to smile more and lighten up; now she is just back to being a sourpuss like she was back in episode one. I was kind of disappointed with this decision. I’m an Agent May fanboy and I really want to see her developed more. The rest of the cast didn’t really change either; Ward and Simmons are horndogs, and Fitz is a jackass, GET ON WITH IT.

It’s time we stopped running

The mid-season finale of “Agents of SHIELD” is worth watching. If you are a fan of the show and have been following it since the beginning then you are going to really like how it ends, but you’re also going to be left with some raised eyebrows. Great action, great dialogue and touching moments will leave you with a smile on your face but a lack of character development, and plot points being quickly side-stepped will leave you slapping your head continuously in confusion. I’d give this episode a fair pass though and cannot wait to see what happens in the second half.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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