TV Review: “Agents of SHIELD” Episode 12 – “Seeds”

Written by Alex Bowman January 16, 2014

I have been having a really strained relationship with television at the moment. All of my favorite shows like “Community” and “Archer” have just been rubbing me the wrong way lately. This is all my humble opinion, of course, so what I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I am, after all, a critic and I have a responsibility to review everything with an open and unbiased opinion. Therefore, I am not going to allow my feelings of recent betrayal get in the way of this review. However, it can be construed as a coincidence that I will be focusing on how this week’s episode of “Agents of SHIELD” is disappointing because of how bland it is thanks to its shoddy acting, a rushed climax and a terrible effort put in by the writers overall.

This week’s episode deals with Skye, Ward and Fitz-Simmons being sent to SHIELD Academy to investigate a freak occurrence revolving around ice that may be the beginning of something dastardly. On the flip-side, Coulson and May investigate further into Skye’s past and uncover the truth about where she comes from and what makes her so important in the grand scheme of things.

My opinion seems rather cold.

“Agents of SHIELD” just kind of blew it this week. We had an amazing episode given to us on a silver platter with the SHIELD logo stamped on it last week but this week was just a bore. Nothing really happened that moved things along other than Skye finding out the truth about her past which didn’t really seem to hit as hard as Coulson figuring out the truth about his past. Skye’s revelation doesn’t really seem to be all that gripping because it feels too much like the writers are trying to one-up Coulson’s revelations within too close of a time frame which creates a very unexciting feeling for us as the viewer. It honestly feels a bit annoying because now Coulson and Skye are being forced by the writers to compete for our attention like two drunk guys at a bar.

I think what made this episode such a bore to sit through was mostly a problem with pacing; everything just felt clunky and jarring. The entire episode led up to this big reveal that felt a little bit predictable and, once that’s established, the entire climax and resolution feels like it had to be finished as quick as possible to fit in time for the end credits. In the entire climax a WMD is released causing a fuckton of damage, someone dies, Skye is told about her past and comes to grips with it and Coulson helps May get over her sexy antics with Ward. All of this happens way too closely together so the audience doesn’t get the proper amount of time to take in everything that has happened and properly analyze the significance of the episode’s events leading up to it.

This acting is worst than frostbite.

The secondary characters in this episode were also terrible. They were all either sleepwalking through their roles or just not delivering the type of performances that were needed. The one kid who we all knew was going to be behind all of this was a pain to watch and the agent who told the truth about Skye’s past tried his best to seem disheveled and traumatized but instead came off looking like someone ate the brownies his mommy packed him for lunch. The main cast did its best to try and save this episode but even they had problems when trying to act with these cardboard cut outs that either needed better direction or should have just been replaced. Also, does anyone actually care that Quinn is back and he is working for CENTIPEDE? Better question: does anyone even remember Quinn? That’s what I thought.

A giant ice-storm? What is this, SYFY?

This week’s episode is such a disappointment, especially after the incredible episode we were given last week. Terrible secondary characters with little to no direction, writers bringing back forgettable villains that should stay forgotten and a really lazy plot that felt rushed and clunky. Stan Lee, the man who invented Marvel, is in next week’s episode; this could either be a good sign of things to come or a chilling omen of doom for “Agents of SHIELD.” Let’s hope this show doesn’t freeze up on us… cough, cough.

My Rating: 5/10

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